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Aug 20 · 3 min read

Its been a quiet few months in the crypto space especially within the dapp space. While most dapp platforms have failed and given up, HyperETH continues to build!

The next phase in the HyperETH platform is coming….
We introduce to you HRX.

$HRX (HyperETH) Token

What is HRX?
HRX will become the new primary token used within the HyperETH platform. While still remaining an ERC20 token the features of HRX vastly differ from the HYPER token. The early vision for the platform was also different and much has changed, because of this we are introducing our new token.

How is HRX Token different?
> HRX is a deflationary cryptocurrency asset that includes a 0.06% burn rate on each transfer made within the network. This means for every 1 HRX transferred 0.0006 will be removed from circulation forever.

> HRX has an initial & max supply of 25 million tokens with built in burn mechanisms to lower supply over the course of time. Burning will cease once the supply hits 1,000,000.

> HRX will be able to be both Mined & Staked.

> HRX will first be listed on external exchanges with the future trading to be done in the internal HyperDEX (token holder profit sharing DEX).

> HRX will include multiple freezing functionalities. This includes freezing for DEX profit sharing & freezing for platform gaming dividends.

What to do with my old HYPER tokens?
All current token holders will be given a grace period where you can swap your HYPER tokens for HRX token at a 2 to 1 swap ratio. Depending on the number of users included in the swap the team is discussing additional incentives to provide to users that do decide to HODL their tokens and swap.

How will the new HRX tokens be distributed?
40% (10,000,000 HRX) allocated to Mining Pool
40% (10,000,000 HRX) allocated to Stake Pool
7% (1,750,000 HRX) allocated to SWAP, DROP, & ROLL
5%(1,250,000 HRX) allocated to development team
5%(1,250,000 HRX) allocated to marketing
3% (750,000 HRX) allocated to Contests/Bounties

What is SWAP, DROP, & ROLL?
This is the grace period where users will be able to SWAP their HYPER tokens, where we will airDROP HRX tokens, and come out with a brand new dice game called HyperROLL to kick things off!

How do I mine HRX token?
Users can mine HRX tokens only by playing and wagering HRX tokens within the HyperETH platform. Mining will be conducted in stages. Just as POW (proof of work) tokens normally do the mining of the HRX token will be become more difficult over time. Each mining stage will initially be set at 100,000 HRX. Once all tokens are mined within the stage the stage will increase meaning you will need to play with more HRX to earn HRX. 10 million HRX tokens will be allocated to the ecosystem mining pool.

How do I Stake HRX token?
Like the original HyperETH dapp HyperStake, a new staking dapp will be built and properly funded to secure staking for a long duration of time. Users will have the ability to freeze their tokens into the new staking dapp which will generate Stake rewards for the user to collect each day. 10 Million HRX tokens will be allocated to the ecosystem stake pool.

HRX has multiple FREEZING functionalities?
Yes. Users are able to freeze tokens into the HyperDEX (token holder profit sharing DEX) contract and earn profits from the overall trading of ERC20 tokens on the DEX, or they can freeze their tokens into the HRX game play dividends pool and earn a % of the overall tokens wagered on the platform each week! Yes you can freeze tokens in both.

There has been NO SET date for the SWAP, DROP, & ROLL. More details and information will be coming forth soon!

Please note that some information above is subject to change.

HyperETH Gaming

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The HyperETH platform provides on chain & off chain solutions for cryptogaming, connecting smart contract and web games to the Ethereum blockchain.

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