Do Not Condemn Sean Hannity, Do Not Damage the People We’ll Need to Rebuild
Glenn Beck

Glenn: No.

NO way no damn way. This is where you are wrong Glenn. This is where you are badly wrong. Take the Long View on Sean Hannity and you’ll find someone who has supported a LOT of progressives. Hannity is NOT one you need to rebuild. He is one that must be thrown out with the TRASH. Because that’s all he’s proven to be. He’s not just a liar he’s a DAMN LIAR who puts dictatorial controls on his own forums suppresses conversations and has tonight as I write this DOUBLED DOWN on yesterday’s comments.

Sean Hannity has no intention of being part of any rebuilding effort he and others have committed actions on which there is no recourse there is no remorse. People have been savaged, attacked. There are things that will NEVER be spoken of that can be tied to this year and campaign. Hannity has chosen to lie down with that FILTH. And nothing short of the Absolution of Christ at the end of life will fix that. He has openly attacked Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and the entire Blaze Radio Network.

Your attempt to the high road in all honesty pissed me off. Some people think it was the right thing to do but I am not one of them. This was not a time for Mahatma Glendi. This is a time for CEO Glenn Beck to defend his network and his talent who just got lambasted by a man who is without honor or integrity.

Look at who his support has been behind and compare it to his words. The Governator, Trump, Bush, he has a pretty lengthy list. But those are his three biggest. Despite what you were saying and doing back in 04 and beyond he was ALWAYS on the establishment bandwagon when it mattered the most. Hannity is part of the problem. A single party farce that has corrupted and destroyed an actual two party system. The GOP and the Democrats have one overriding interest. POWER. I refer to the DC cartel as the Power Party regardless of their letter.

To rebuild America we must first rebuild the 2 party system. That starts with putting the GOP and all of their supporters in the trash can. Hannity, Rush, Dupree, and a very long list of people who have not gotten off this train and now Can Not. New rules must be established. New thinking must take root. And a new primary structure MUST be brought into play. None of this will happen if we will not clean out our own back yards of the people who have betrayed their audiences and the American people.

Actions have consequences Glenn you know that better than 99.9% of the world. It is far past time the talk radio pundits and surrogates who have supported this walking dumpster fire named Trump face the consequences of their actions. And the GOP who refused to do anything be relegated to a non-functioning state. And if you tell me that I have to be the one to do it? Guess what. I AM. I have been working day and night in thought trying to figure out what happens post Election Day. Because I ain’t bringing anything to the forefront before then.

But Glenn, you need to stop considering these people your friend. They’re not. They want to put you in the ground. They already tried to do so to one of my closest friends. I can’t give details it’s not my story unfortunately. But the person who’s story this is. I bet she reads this. You need to speak up. The world needs to know CONSERVATIVE MEDIA needs to know just how far other people in the name of the hairpiece have gone this election cycle.

Sean Hannity has aligned himself with what I call the Alt-Reich. I am the only one really using that term on social media that I can find. And it fits. It fits these people to a T. We can not rebuild if we allow what has damaged us so greatly to remain a part of who we are. Sean Hannity has done too much damage to conservatives, and to the constitution to be allowed to remain in place. I didn’t have to choose a side. Hannity forced me to one. People like him are why I am politically homeless. Why I registered independent. I won’t say you were Naive Glenn, it’s not that. but you believe in something that is not there. Sean doesn’t have a soul any more. If he ever did. He is part of the Conservative Entertainment Complex that has kept conservatives from cleaning house for far too long.

Enough is enough Glenn. It is time to clean our own back yard, so that we may build a NEW City upon the hill. The GOP is dead weight. Time to drop it.

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