So. Who would I pick? (Round 2 of a series of articles.)

Last time I posted I talked about the possible use of Rule 9 and what the consequences from a career standpoint would be. I suggested Murdoch could give FNC’s hosts a major set of pink slips. So the question becomes… Who do we replace them with.

In the immortal words of Samuel L Jackson, ‘hold onto your butts’. I decided to take a flagship show and figure out who I would want in and why including a possible format change. I went up and down the list of shows and honestly I stopped on ‘The Five’ A critical show for Fox a popular show, but like the rest of FNC it’s succumbed to Trumpkins disease.

Now first thing I would do, I’d rip a page out of ESPN’s book and set it up similar to around the horn. Not ‘Competitive banter’ But allow them to operate from Remote sites because the people I have in mind to fill roles probably want to stay as far away from NYC as possible.

Second. There’d be a survivor. Greg would keep his job he’s too good too funny and his lack of bias has been one of the few embers of hope in a lost organization. But that leaves four spots to fill. Let’s get started.

Eric Bolling Out. In? Sam Janney. The Politibunny in an open forum is one of the most dangerous forces out there. Smart, funny, and totally ready to open a can of proverbial and literal asswhoop on anyone and everyone she would keep control of the situation at all times. Something desperately needed with who I’m going to add into the mix.

Juan Williams Out. In? Maximillion Dood. Ok ok. You’re thinking..WHO? Boys, girls, conservatives of all ages. I’m going left field on this. Maximillion Dood currently works with Iron Galaxy on the PC game Killer Instinct. Has a YouTube Following of over 500k subscribers in all honesty the Top stream on Twitch.TV and has the tendencies of a JFK democrat. Very much Freedom Oriented. Given proper preparation The man is able to adapt to any situation and carries a background I dare others to try to match. Happily Married this guy has made his dreams come true. He IS the American Dream of the modern age. And not a progressive vision either. Watching his streams you don’t get acting. You get 100 percent pure unfiltered Max. He would not be Gunshy would fill the Liberal perspective this field requires but is able to maintain a decorum when needed, and unleash at will. His streams don’t get into politics much but his videos, his work, show a philosophy he rarely speaks about.

Out Kimberly Guilfoyle in: AlphaOmegaSin. Another one I am certain you people are saying ‘WHO?’ Not as much of a streamer as Max. I only need point to a VERY large collection of YouTube videos where this guy has gone hardcore gamer Millenial conservative with a cursing string able to match Sam Janney if not myself. This guy has been incredible is INCREDIBLY well read despite what you might think he brings a very hard edge to the squad and will call people out if he thinks they’re being very very dumb. A fellow PA man like myself he’s one of the people that makes me think we have a chance.

Out Dana Perino In Heidi Cruz. Do I even have to begin? Seriously. Come on you KNOW you want her at this table.

Up Next. Prime time. Who’s ready to step up, who needs to step up? That’s an article that I’m researching right now. You will easily find both Dood and AOS by youtubing their names. I recommend to get a real idea of who Max is you watch his 500k sub video. As for Sin know none of his videos qualify as Safe for Work on language grounds. Enjoy!

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