Dialogue with Dr. Issac Zhang ,co-founder of Hyperion: blockchain empowers the world’s largest virtual digital land

Recently, a game called EOS Pixel exploded. Users can draw a piece of art by buying a lot of pixels, leaving it permanently in the blockchain. A pixel is worth 50,000 RMB. Buying a piece of land here is equivalent to buying a suite. Virtual real estate has quickly become a major application scenario in the blockchain world. When it comes to virtual real estate, there is a project that stands out and instantly caught our attention. She has a very famous name — Hyperion Haibarian. Hyperion is the world’s largest map public chain based on spatial consensus protocol. It is committed to changing the map ecology with blockchain technology through community incentive mode, and finally realizes digital land autonomy.
In the view of Hyperion co-founder Dr.Isaac Zhang, the future blockchain must be the infrastructure. If the blockchain is to be further developed, it is inseparable from the popularization and application of technology. Support, and maps are one of the natural areas and infrastructures. Almost all LBS-based applications use maps, so a map-based public chain will be the bottom of the entire blockchain world. More than 1 million apps are hosted on Googlemaps, and more than 300,000 apps are hosted on the Google Maps. If you have a large number of Dapps in the future, you will need a distributed map. Hyperion was born.

As a global map public chain based on spatial consensus protocols, Hyperion will build a decentralized map economy that supports 10 billion people. The economic system is centered on Hyperion’s digital land rights and is designed around the trinity of “crowdsourcing technology, shared economy, and community governance” to empower the community to participate in the Hyperion technology, economic and community governance processes. To put it simply, what Hyperion has to do is to decentralize the map’s public chain and economy, and to build the infrastructure for the future survival and development of various industries. It is like water and air. No one perceives, but no one can leave. Based on Hyperion’s underlying technology, more than 1 million Dapp/Apps will be generated in the future, and the high-frequency blockchain maps will attract and support hundreds of millions of users and devices. This is the imaginable space for Hyperion’s future.