The world can be a canvas and Hyperion is the brush

Dear friends,

What’s Hyperion’s work culture like? This is a question we frequently get asked. With utmost pride, let’s talk about Hyperion: the culture and what motivates us to embark on this exciting new journey.

Imagine wild. Think elegant. Build fast.

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination”. We imagine that the world can be a canvas and Hyperion is the brush. Today, as a community, we are empowered to create a map service and scale this as we see fit. As users, we can take back control of our data. What we lacked previously was a trusted map service that is accurate and preserves privacy. It must be trust-less — guaranteed by mathematics and this can only be realized by transferring the governance of maps to open communities. We envision a future where maps are crowd built, shared and governed: an integrated design of technology, economy and community governance.

“Imagine wild. Think elegant. Build fast.” may sound abstract and elusive. On the contrary, it is a very natural and specific concept to us — that what we need is not just another plausible framework, but instead the primitives, the simple basics and foundations that are effective, exhibit intense vitality, a direct remedy to real-world problems. Primitives are beautiful like notes to music, colors to painting and symbols to Maths. We realized on our very first day that not a single company, however large it may be, can effectively provide a trusted and accurate map for every location in our dynamic world. A community centric approach is the way can remedy this. The primitive to our integrated design would be the tools, sustainable mechanism and robust governance as a community.

This is our North Star. We want to imagine, think and build in wild and elegant ways — moving fast towards a world that has a map service where it is trusted, private and secured by the community. Our mantra will extend beyond just an engineering methodology. Designers, marketers and evangelists will also be a part of defining what Hyperion really is. We will release tools in coming weeks to encourage and enable community collaboration. After all, we know building a vibrant community is all about actions, not slogans, and that such an undertaking requires bold, persistent and rigorous experimentations. Hyperion is now in your hands.

Yours Sincerely,

Isaac Zhang, Hyperion