Importance of UI/UX In Mobile App Design Services

Experienced app developers know that in the mobile app design services niche, UI/UX are two very important components. Many people have heard of the term UI or UX, but don’t actually know what it means.

That said, it is a common mistake to confuse UI and UX. This is one reason some people might use both terms interchangeably. But they are two different things in the world of app design services.

Before going into the importance of UI/UX in the development of mobile apps, a little definition of both terms of is apt.

What are UI and UX?

UI, which is short for User Interface, is concerned with how the app looks. Mostly, it is about aesthetics and what users see immediately they power up the app.

For instance, hired app designers working on the UI focus mostly on the graphics of the app. That is, how the app appears to users.

However, the target is to make sure the app is easy to use, not cluttered and at the same time, very efficient.

UX, which is short for user experience, is primarily concerned about how the end-user engages with the app.

The UX is all about the interaction between the user and the app. A lot of emotions and feelings are involved here. Basically, if users find it easy to navigate and jump between different interfaces, the app is likely to be successful in the long run.

That is why most app development companies invest a lot of time and money in the UI/UX aspect of app design.

They are always on the lookout for great graphic designers. And of course, developers who can translate the design into a first class utility for users are also in high demand.

Importance of great UI design in app design services

Mobile app development companies are aware that developing an app is the same as creating a product for the market.

Consumers have to like a product before they can use it. The same way, users ultimately have to fall in love with an app before they would continue to use it.

It is important to capture the imagination of the first batch of users. Because it is from their reviews and recommendations that other users would be attracted to the app.

So it is crucial that the UI of an app meets the following criteria:

1.Beautiful and Amazing graphic designs
Amazing and beautiful graphics are the first things that would make your app stand out from the rest.

However, app developers take into consideration the demographics of the target users. For instance, adults might not like bold colors and flashing lights around the UI. On the other hand, many kids would love designs like that.

But while working on the graphics, designers know they need to create an app that works efficiently on different screen resolutions. It is a balancing act that requires some skills.

2.Simplicity is key in UI design
Keeping the UI simple would ensure that new users would find the app easy to use and navigate.

The average app user does not have the patience to spend too much time learning how to manipulate an app. Chances are, there are other similar apps competing for his/her attention.

But keeping the UI simple does not necessarily mean cutting corners or leaving out some important features. App developers understand the relationship between a feature-rich app and a clean UI.

Users want their apps to have several useful features and at the same time have that light-weight feel about them.

Why UX is important?

1.Developing UX involves research
As a business, before you launch a product, a thorough market research is required. You need to know the sort of products your potential clients need; and how they want it.

That is how UX is important in mobile app design services offered by either hired app developers or companies. With thorough research, the final UX design would have input from the results of the market research.

Take this ice cream analogy for instance. If after your research, potential customers prefer chocolate ice cream, that is what you should give them. Making strawberry ice creams, no matter how sweet, would meet a lot of resistance.

So research helps developers figure out the sort of UX design to use and what features of the design are most important to users.

2.UX design incorporates app testing
Testing is one of the most important aspects of app development. Sadly though, some app development companies ignore this aspect of app development. They usually have the erroneous impression that a good UI translates into an awesome user experience.

That is far from the truth.

The most successful apps went through the beta phase before the final release. Sometimes, UX designers release the app to an app testing community before releasing the beta version to the public.

This is done to get important feedback from real, independent and objective users of the app. It is common to have designers modify the UX based on the reviews from testers.

By testing the app, developers try to avoid a future where it becomes necessary to start developing the app from scratch.

Think of all the time and money that’d be wasted on ads and publicity if inadequate or zero testing was done.

Great UI/UX combination is fundamental

Most of the best apps are just like good books. Good books are segmented into sections making it easy for readers to navigate. Also, the best books are page turners. Readers want to know what lies on the next page.

Well-designed apps from the staples of the best developers are created that way. The UI would attract the users. They are curious to see what lies inside this beautiful looking app.

Then the UX enthralls and keeps users on the app for a long time. And they keep coming back to the app knowing the experience would be top-notch.

Most importantly for the success of the app, users would share it with friends both online and offline.

The bottom line is simply this: to come up with an app that would be successful in the market, developers need to keep the UI/UX design-balance in mind.

All apps should be very easy to use. At the same time, users should find them very easy to manage. When these factors are taken care of, the chances of the app creating the desired buzz are high.

Though UI and UX are two different things, they are basically two sides of the same app design coin. This is because, while working on the UI, you could also be taking care of UX problems and vice versa.

So if you are looking to design an app for your business, it is important that the portfolio of the hired app developer or mobile app development company meets the most important UI/UX criteria. Any developer worth their salt should not find it difficult to strike that important UI/UX balance.