The coming wave

A revolutionary wave is brewing throughout the years felt by the outdated design of modern societies. The option of living in a better economical situation seems logical to most of us. But the actual chains of a corrupted monetary and political system which has been hijacked by the lazy selfishness leaves a bitter taste in the mind of the crowds who think no better alternatives exists. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves for not taking the actions required. Even if people were given the opportunity and tools they fall back on their laziness. Our behavioral schemes seems hard to transcend sometimes. However it is still illogical to protect a system destroying its own roots for the benefits of few leaves. But not everyone sees the obvious; the systems isn’t fair. It isn’t working for the empowerment of its people. Corporations invest on short term profit which sustain a continuous pollution of the habitat. The ponzi scheme is our modern society not Bitcoin. The current leaders waste the resources unwisely without creating the alternatives needed. And the next generations is the one to pay for the damages. This is why the world debt exists. Why should the wealthy leaders care as they won’t be affected but only their workers. Business as usual can’t go on. The system might seems too big to fail but that’s only an illusion. The system can be outgrown as a strangler fig tree does using the existing structures in place.

A plan is emerging

Since Internet’s creation it has been easier to align collective visions with more synchronisation. Internet has been gathering the inputs of many minds where memes have bred and gave birth to reformulated questions and solutions. Pushing us forward in the creation of an upgraded civilization. The direction of the ship earth can be guided for the generation of a worldwide abundance if we stand up and takes the action that understanding the responsibility requires. When we’ve seen the truth we can’t unsee it. We might try to bury it by binging ourselves of irrelevant informations but we are constantly facing it as the old paradigm becomes more obviously obsolete everyday.

The existing solutions

There is plenny and the more we understand them the better we can share and put them in practice. Regenerative economy rather than world debt. Because a true economy doesn’t waste its resources to destroy what creates them. Changing our agricultural practices to create true food security would imply using permaculture rather than monoculture with pesticides and fertilisers who destroy the microbiology of the soil. To understand the biological synergy of ecosystems to generate a positive momentum of abundance.

Permaculture: Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for provision of local needs. People, their buildings and the ways in which they organise themselves are central to permaculture. Thus the permaculture vision of permanent or sustainable agriculture has evolved to one of permanent or sustainable culture.

Re-using abandoned spaces like old mining quarry as the Eden Project has achieved.

Redesigning the existing infrastructures within cities with vertical gardening and aquaponics by transforming supermarket into city farms.

All theses solutions are here but not implemented has fast as they could be. The stagnation in innovation can be overcome by fairly distributing wealth and decision making where they can have the biggest positive symbiotic effect. Which is exactly what decentralisation technologies allows us to organise effectively.

The new paradigm

New decentralised app like wings and others allows the creation of new democratic systems. Tribes or team who have been dedicated the trust to vote on specific issues which can make more efficient decisions rather than asking everybody about it but we can still creates proposals for the entire planet if we ever need to. We are still figuring out the way it will be implemented and it is a work in constant evolution. On a planetary scale it smooth out workflow. The flexibility of smart contracts allow us to be evolving with a much better reactivity than existing judicial systems.

A community of ideas

There’s so much solutions to create efficient ways of living and we know it. We have to connect the dots to weave all the solutionaries together. We must realize all our potential of coming and standing up together as one to become planet Earth’s family.

Like a local currency which empowers its locals, cryptocurrencies and DAO allows us to support our communities by transcending the physical boundaries. We become a decentralised nation. We can start creating a network to empower the people who already work for genuine change to dispel the illusion of being alone in our realistic utopism in the middle of the disbeliefs of the masses we are surrounded with. Decentralized systems allows us to redirect the funds where they are truly needed and therefore generate real value.

To create a planetary community of tribes sharing access to land and resources which itself creates resilient solutions such as communal food forest everywhere we can imagine. We are in the process of merging eco-villages with decentralisation technologies. We can finally transcend our capitalist dogmas to move forward in utopia.

The Earth Nation is a Planetary Alliance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

We are creating access to a true global economy that gather creative minds to build a new system.The more people join in with the alternative economy the more opportunities we will have for our planetary team to create genuine solutions. The more people gets involved in the network by giving access to land, resources and skills the more we will increase its value, efficiency and power.

It is a matter of time for people to realise the impact of these decentralised systems and what they imply for the future of our planet. As we learn to deploy theses new systems and integrate them more efficiently in our everyday life we’ll start to glimpse their increasing evolutionary potential. Let’s keep an eye on the coming wave and figure out together how we can play our part within this truly marvellous technological coup d’état unfolding. It’s positive outcome will be exponential like the butterfly effect as we reach the tipping point of the wave momentum.

Remembering together what we really need by regaining the ability to formulate our dreams.We need more writers, speakers and artists as prophets to seed the new dawning civilisation. It takes courage to envision a visionary culture.

Let’s empower the dreamers.