Hyperspace is live

We are very happy to publish the demo version of Hyperspace! \o/
Remembering that platform is free and is for the entire community monitor new cryptocurrency after theirs ICO (Initial coin offering)

As promised, we make a very user-friendly, objective, informative and click-ready platform!

To facilitate yout first iteration, let’s go to our step by step


Why do we need a record? We need to send the notification to your email.
But take easy, we just need the email and password for you manage your monitoring.

1 — First, access hyperspacemonitor.com and use the Sign Up option in the upper right corner

2 — Fill your email and password and click Register and Lets Go


After registering, you must use the Sing In in the upper right corner.
Fill your username and password and click Get Started

Dashboard — Monitoring

Congratulations! You are now part of the Hyperspace community and can begin to register your monitoring.

So let’s start?

1 — In the Create Monitor section, fill in the Symbol field the currency symbol and in the Name field the name of the currency and click ADD MONITOR. Do not worry if the name is not correct, this is just another information to look for your currency

See that your monitoring will always be listed in the table below the ADD MONITOR button

2 — You can activate and deactivate your monitoring. To do this, simply use the following option

3 — Now, if you want to delete the monitoring, just use the following option

Dashboard — Coins and Exchanges

In addition to monitoring, Hyperspace also makes it possible to list all cryptocurrencies in each exchange in one place with simple, quick and easy search


The platform section is 30 minutes. That is you can do your operations for 30 minutes. After that time you will need to log in again.

To log out, simply use the SIGN OUT option in the upper right corner of the Dashboard

Help us to evolve

See how simple it is?

Now we need your help. Soon we will make available a contact form and the list of exchanges monitored by Hyperspace. Remember that this is a demo version and that several improvements are coming.

In the meantime, if you have any comments, questions or requests, please contact us using our twitter https://twitter.com/hyperspacemtor

For now, save time and enjoy Hyperspace!