HSN Tianbei IoT and RedTea Mobile jointly build 4G\5G- eSIM solution

HSN subsidiary Tianbei IoT once again won a bid from a world leading IoT connection solution provider. The company will provide 4G and 5G — eSIM solutions to Redtea Mobile. The operator’s virtual data card enables global network roaming.

As a device connection expert in the 5G era, Redtea Mobile was established in 2015. The company is well rooted in the communication and telecom industry and member of several leading industry organizations, including “GSM Association (GSMA) Associate Member”, “China Unicom eSIM Industry Cooperation Alliance”, “China Mobile Internet of Things Alliance member”, “China Communications Member of the Standardization Association (CCSA) and Member of the Telecommunication Terminal Industry Association (TAF). In 2017, Redtea Mobile co-hosted the GSMA the Global Operators Conference WAS#5 in Macau, and was named “2016 China Best Innovative company 50” by 《快公司》magazine. The company is dedicated in the practical application of eSIM, focusing on providing connection services for intelligent terminals, and expanding the practical application of eSIM technology based on application scenarios, providing equipment manufacturers with a low-cost, high-quality, easy-to-integrate, and responsive global connection solution.

In March 2018, Apple Inc. released the iWatch Series 3 with eSIM function, which was the first time in the LTE data connection era, enabling it to operate independently without having to connect to the iPhone. It was also the same year Apple released its new model iPhoneX with the eSIM feature. Apple triggered hot debates on eSIM application in the industry, while also brought eSIM into the mass consumers market. Due to space and environment constraints, traditional SIM cards need to be replaced frequently and cannot adapt to large-scale IoT deployment. Therefore, eSIM ‘s flexibility will accelerate the rapid development of the Internet of Things.

As early as 2018, Tianbei IoT and Redtea Mobile cooperated to provide software and hardware integrated network communication equipment solutions and delivered 4G routers such as G4303K/G4302K. In 2019, Tianbei IoT added eSIM functionality on 4G and 5G routers to conduct quick switching operators’ virtual traffic cards in order to meet the needs of global network roaming.

HSN’s Tianbei IoT realizes the complex application scenario business chain by integrating blockchain and IoT, and contributes to the industrial development in the 5G digital era. Currently developed router and IoT device eSIM solutions can help fulfill the commercialization of blockchain industry applications for IoT terminals. In typical application scenarios such as continuous wide-area coverage, hot-spot high-capacity, low-latency, high-reliability, and low-consumption large connections, 5G+ blockchain technology can cope with diverse and extremely differentiated performance requirements. In addition, it can create broader coverage and a more stable licensed frequency band, and more unified standards. It provides stable tracking, traceability and peer-to-peer trading functions for trillions of commodities around the world. Most importantly, Tianbei IoT is to realize peer-to-peer value circulation in 5G IoT scenarios.

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