Recently, Director Mao Chunlin of the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee (Changsha Economic Development Zone) and his party went to visit Nine Chain Technology, a subsidiary of HSN. HSN CTO Richard Sheh and HSN Chief Technology Officer Daniel Sun received the in-depth communication and exchange on the development of the blockchain, talked about the cooperation between the two parties, and strived to create a globally influential and national leading blockchain industry cluster.

The Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 1992 and was approved as a national economic and technological development zone in 2000. In August 2018, Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park, the first blockchain industrial park in Central China, was officially established.

HSN Tianbei IoT and RedTea Mobile jointly build 4G\5G- eSIM solution

HSN subsidiary Tianbei IoT once again won a bid from a world leading IoT connection solution provider. The company will provide 4G and 5G — eSIM solutions to Redtea Mobile. The operator’s virtual data card enables global network roaming.

Richard Sheh: CTO of HSN, Computer Science MSc, Big Data and loT expert, 10+ years in the telecommunications industry. Managed R&D of data communication and security products, served as core product Project Director in Sangfor Technologies Inc. Ex-manager of a high performance wireless communication product line in Tenda. The Key…


1. The modern telecommunications company MiracleTele and HSN(Hyper Speed Network) reached an understanding and signed a Memorandum of mutual cooperation. W e will jointly provide 5G equipment and technology to MiracleTele’s customers and partners in 163 countries.

2. HSN (Hyper Speed Network) has formed partnership with a strong information partner…

Daniel Sun: Chief Scientist of HSN. Computer Science MSc, data security expert, won many national and provincial awards in CUMCM (Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling), graduate student tutor, published numerous academic papers during the master’s study. After graduation, he worked in Huawei and VenusTech in R&D and management of cryptographic and communication systems. Has rich experience in product development and blockchain management, led the development of many systems successfully and widely used in commerce.

Since ancient times, people have been paying attention to privacy security, especially during war, and to prevent information leakage, people used all kinds of methods. Generally speaking, these methods can be divided into two categories: substitution and replacement.


The method of Substitution contains Single table substituting password, caser password, Playfair…

Dear Supporters of HSN

As the world’s first value chain ecological network with 5G application architecture, HSN has already achieved major milestones since its release in May 2019, completing the first generation of ecological application technology release, white paper release, and successively launched on several exchanges. Based on the ecological consensus of the 5G…


1. China Hi-Tech Fair 2019 (CHTF) was held in Shenzhen from November 13th to November 17th. HSN CTO Richard Sheh communicated and shared with technicians in the fields of unmanned vehicles, smart cities and distributed storage.

2. Director Mao Chunlin of the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee…

On November 8th, “A Step Forward,” HSN Devnet and product launching Event was successfully held in Shenzhen, China. HSN CTO Richard Sheh, HSN Chief Technology Officer Daniel Sun, HSN Product Manager Francis Chen Jianhua, HSN Blockchain Engineer Jack Xia and HSN Node Partner Alex Chen participated in the conference.



HSN Devnet and hardware products launching event has been successfully held. The event was hosted and presented by HSN’s core team, including Richard Sheh (CTO), Daniel Sun (Chief Scientist), Francis Chen (Product Manager), Jack Xia (Blockchain Engineer) and Alex Chen (HSN Node Partner).

Technology Development


1) Wallet App finished 50%:


From November 4th to 8th, 2019 the Hong Kong Fintech Week was held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. This is Asia’s most anticipated annual international fintech event, hosted by Invest HK. Tens of thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, investors and regulators have come together from China, Asia and around the world…

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