HyperStake: A Look into the New Year

HyperStake (HYP), an advanced blockchain platform, has been providing generous rewards to users without the need for complicated mining equipment since 2014. This past year, 2017, has been particularly eventful for HyperStake. There has been an increasing amount of traffic and awareness in digital currencies, and HyperStake continues to position itself to benefit from the influx of interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Market Snapshot:

To close out the 2017 year, HYP’s trade value has hovered around $5.00 USD per 1,000 HYP coins, which yields a total market capitalization of approximately $5.4 million USD. HyperStake has been able to keep its rank as one of the top 500 cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization.

Decentralized Voting:

HYP has historically focused exclusively on being the leading Proof of Stake digital currency, but is adding an aggressive development roadmap for 2018. HyperStake’s team of developers have been and are continuously working on new features to ensure HYP stays up to date with the complicated and changing blockchain industry. Within the next few weeks, HyperStake is adding a staking based voting system. This project has been under development for four months, and is currently in the testing phase. With this voting system, users will be able to vote for the most important issues that blockchain platforms face.

Self Funding:

HyperStake will vote on the ability to fund itself. Users will be given the option to vote yes or no on a vote proposal that will take 10% of the current stake mining reward and allocate it to the development, marketing, exchanges, and other community budgets. Currently those budgets are being paid through donations. At the time of writing, the marketing budget has approximately 1 million HYP (~$5,000 USD) and the developer budget has 2.18 million HYP ($11,000 USD). As marketing and development continue to ramp up, it will be important that these budgets are able to be refilled to sustain HyperStake’s aggressive plans.

Announcing HyperChain:

Behind the scenes, HyperStake has been developing a new blockchain platform, known as HyperChain. HyperChain allows for the ability to launch third party scripts when transactions are sent to your address that have a certain encoding and are sent from specific addresses. In addition, HyperChain will make it easy to add small amounts of immutable data to the HyperStake blockchain. Be on the lookout for HyperStake’s whitepaper within the next few months describing the development and concepts behind HyperChain.

2018 Roadmap:

In 2018, HyperStake will continue to focus on being the leading Proof of Stake digital currency, and adding additional advanced features that will allow third party developers to leverage HyperStake’s platform for advanced uses such as IoT management. The marketing and development teams are working together to finalize a “development roadmap” for 2018 that will be released to the public that will include features and expected delivery dates.

Marketing Focus:

HyperStake’s marketing team is now investing in marketing tactics and platforms to focus on increasing widespread interest and investment into HyperStake. The marketing team is working on weekly updates, blog posts, and emails in order to keep HyperStake’s users informed on new developments and updates.

HyperStake’s New Team:

During Quarter 4 of 2017 HyperStake has added 2 new developers, a blockchain strategist, and a marketing team. The team is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States and does not work remotely like most blockchain teams do. Working together at the same location allows HyperStake’s team to work together to create solutions instead of working in isolation.

HYPpy New Year!

2018 is predicted to be a year of growth and progress for HyperStake. Continuous updates and changes are being made to ensure that HyperStake continues to be a Proof of Stake digital currency that provides generous rewards to users.

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