So, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.

And, what I think people sometimes don’t fully realize is that a sacrifice is a promise. To whom? Well, to yourself. I’ve stopped drinking soda, because I’m concerned about my health, and by doing this I’ve thus promised my future Evan that we will be and stay healthy.

I feel that a lot of people don’t see sacrifices in this way. It is a promise. It’s a challenge, too.

A sacrifice is a lot of things.

But one thing that a sacrifice is not, is a throwaway.

Your life is short, and it’s limited. I’m going to be writing about ambition and the importance of following your true aspirations. For now, however, let’s focus on the simple decisions we make and the effect they have on our time on this planet.

How do I put this in words?

Imagine yourself wanting to paint your home. You go to the store, get a bucket of paint, a brush, then return home and paint half of it. You get impatient, or it begins to feel dull, or you’re simply tired and you stop. You go inside.

A year later, the paint chips and fades and you do it all over again.

This is how you pay the price of not going through with what you hope and dream for. When people say “Time is money.” it is definitely true.

In fact, time is the most valuable currency on this planet. And the worst part? There’s no reimbursement.

I’m not saying be stingy with your money, or to not be generous. In fact, that’s some of the best ways to use your time. This is true similar to how it’s more valuable to donate ten bucks to a charity than it is to buy some new lip gloss or a video game.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend your time lying down staring at the ceiling. If it’s what you need spiritually, then let nothing stop you.

But if there’s a fire burning within you — or the complete lack of one, with only stagnant boredom in its place — then it is of great shame and waste to lay idle.

Stand. Move. Take action.

Be charitable and kind with the money that is your time.

Value it above all other things, aside from one: every other living person.