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Oct 30 · 5 min read

What is a Monster Quest?

Monster Quest was created as part of the HYPE community rewards program to encourage community members to collaborate and communicate with each other to earn cool rewards together.

Monster Quests have been created to replace our monthly lotteries & raffles. We thought it would be a much better idea to be a little bit more creative in the ways we reward our community members.

How does the Monster Quest work?

Step 1 — Get the NFT badge

As part of the HYPE community rewards program, we have created the NFT badges (More Info). These limited edition NFT Badges ranging from levels 1 to 8 have various attributes and scores engraved on them (see below).

Attributes (Properties) & Rankings Engraved on HYPE NFT Badges

These attributes and rankings were engraved on the badges to be actively used for the Monster Quest campaigns. To participate in Monster Quests, you are required to hold at least one HYPE NFT Level Badge. You can get the badge by meeting certain requirements as outlined HERE.

If you do not meet the requirements or if there are no more badges available (currently there’s only 120 badges available), you can purchase badges from other users on opensea.io.

Step 2 — Choose your type

Once you have acquired the HYPE NFT Badge, you will be given a link where you can select your hero type (Warrior / Assassin / Wizard).

If you have not been provided with the link, please email hello@hypetoken.io or contact one of the administrators on our main Telegram Group (https://t.me/hypetoken) .

When you select your hero type, it is permanent. You will not be able to change your hero type and your address will forever be represented by it. Please select your hero type wisely!

Step 3— Install Telegram Messenger on Your Mobile Devices

Installing Telegram Messenger is compulsory. You will receive notifications about the Monster Quest on our main Telegram group and you will need to communicate with other users via Telegram to complete the quest. Please install it!

Step 4— Dungeon Gatekeeper Bot Alert

This bot will notify users whenever a monster is detected lingering around the gates of the dungeon.

Example of how the alert is sent:

As you can see on the message above, the Dungeon Gatekeeper bot shows the stats of the monster and rewards for defeating the monster.

The combined stats of users who enter the dungeon must be higher than the stats of the monster to defeat it and earn rewards. Rewards are equally distributed among users, regardless of their level or type.

Monster Stats

All attributes of the monster can be found on your HYPE NFT badge or on your HYPE HERO TYPE card. The example above shows that the monster has attributes of 2 BLUE and 2 GREEN. This means there needs to be at least 2 LEVEL 1 (BLUE) users and 2 LEVEL 2 (GREEN) users.

Everyone will have something to contribute to defeat the monster, regardless of one’s level or hero type.

Entering the Dungeon

Whenever a monster is summoned in the dungeon, the Dungeon Gatekeeper Bot generates a link where users have to pay a small amount of HYPE tokens to enter the dungeon.

*Users must pay with the address which holds the HYPE NFT badges*

This step verifies the user’s address, badges and the type it represents. If the monster is defeated, rewards are sent directly to the the address which has been used to pay the entrance fees.

Example of How the Link Looks

The entrance to the Dungeon will only be opened for a limited time and users must enter the dungeon before the gates close. For some monsters (e.g. Boss Monsters), there will be a limited to how many players can enter the dungeon.

Once the time or limit has been reached, the link will expire and no new players will be able to enter the dungeon to defeat the monster.

Step 5— The Battle

Once the entrance to the dungeon is closed, HYPE team will review and compare all players’ stats (combined) vs the monster’s stats.

Winning Scenario

  • Combined stats of all players who entered the dungeon is more than the monster’s stats.

Rewards from the monster will be distributed equally to all players who entered the dungeon.

Losing Scenario

  • Combined stats of all players who entered the dungeon is equal to or less than the monster’s stats.

No rewards are provided to the players.

What sort of rewards will the monsters provide?

The rewards will differ for each monster, depending on the monster’s overall stats and type. Usually, the more difficult it is to defeat the monster, the higher the reward pool. We have allocated a total of 3 million HYPE tokens for the Monster Quest campaign. There will always be something to win for defeating the monsters. We will also occasionally partner up with other projects to increase the reward pool.

Guaranteed Rewards:

  • HYPE Token

What’s Next?

Once we have sufficient interests for the Monster Quest, we will create a fully decentralized application (dApp) for users to hunt monsters in the dungeon individually and also as a party.

Be sure to follow our Twitter ( https://twitter.com/hype_token) for the latest updates!


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