A Deconstruction of the 2017 XXL Cypher featuring Ugly God, XXXTentacion, Playboi Carti, and MadeinTYO

A careful and woke af deciphering of what may soon be considered one of the best rap storytelling epics of all time.

When I first viewed this video, my first reaction was that of grand disappointment. However, upon subsequent viewings of the video, it became apparent to me that there was a deeper, more metaphorical statment the video was trying to portray.

OKAY. *pulls tarp off of wall, revealing massive yarn evidence map*

So Carti starts off and does Carti. Typically mumble rap about trap things. The shallow glamour of being a rapper. Sex, drugs, rock and roll etc. To be honest, I don’t really know what he said, but I feel as if I’m taking a safe bet here.

Tyo follows suit, as he’s never been on to doubt the crowd. Lyrically, it’s ever so slightly more impressive, and it focuses more on the material side of the rapper fantasy (diamonds). However, he remains at the surface level depth that Carti set, and dares not venture further.

Ugly God comes at the same topic with a different angle. Irony. He talks about diamonds, and his borderline obsession with them; they’re on his jacket, gun and even his ballsack. He tells "niggas" to "get on my dick", then immediately tells "bitches" to do the same. Since he’s seperated niggas and bitches into two seperate identies, it suggests that he wants both sexes to "get on my dick". Unfortunately, in the midst of all of this, he’s fallen into a trap of post irony, and brags about his bitch, and "pulling up in yo hood". To add insult to injury, the bulk of his fans might not detect the irony and view his words to be genuine; as a result, his entire rap was not that of parody, but rather a propagation of the culture (in the same way Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools (Drank)” is an excellent drinking song).

This is where Triple X Tentacles (Young Dagger Dick) comes in. His character is that of a cynical, perhaps even regretful god that abhors the overglamorized, sinful lives of tyo and carti; Ugly God, in his eyes, is no exception to the rule. To X, Ugly God’s actions are like a snake eating it’s own tail; his ironic innocence does not spare him the crime of his actions. On the day of judgement, of apocalypse, he would not spare any of those three "peasants". He admits that he too, is guility of these sinful actions, and that everyone is just as susceptible to them as well. Perhaps he views himself as a peasant as well, and underneath his words lies a deep undertone of self hatred.

It’s clear that this cypher is a statement about the state of rap; as it is and always has been. A high chasing, materialistic culture that is ultimately hollow.

Or maybe, you know, it could just be bad.

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