How to Psychoanalyze Anyone in Under 20 Minutes

Freud, exploring his unconscious mind. Photo by Enrico Martina

Critical Stimulus is a psychoanalysis method based on Carl Jung’s word association experiments. It uncovers unconscious fears, hidden agendas, guilt, unresolved personal issues and more.

The following is the results of a recent analysis (names have been changed to protect privacy). You can see more real-life examples on the Critical Stimulus blog.

I call this one… Rules of Life

I knew Grant since childhood. He was the smartest kid in his school, aced track and field sports and loved hacking computer programs. Winning seemed to be easy for him. Fast forward 20 years and he’s a sleep-starved husband and father of two small children.

We meet in a Tim Horton’s before his night shift starts. It’s been a few years and I almost don’t recognize him. It looks like life dragged him into a back alley and beat him with a bag of oranges. I tell him he looks good.

After a lively conversation, we get down to business. I read off the cards and he responds to each with the first word that enters his mind. The results of the analysis is as follows:

The transition from academic to adulthood hasn’t been easy for Grant. Life can’t be gamed like math homework and Nintendo. He must have learned some hard lessons: PRIDE + FOOLISH + TO FEAR.

It may also explain TO ABUSE + TO BEAT but I didn’t ask. I hope it’s not what I think it is.

TO SIN + PAMPHLET ( and perhaps UNJUST ) indicates an interest in religion. He qualified that by saying some religions do a lot of good in the world, but the interest stops there.

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