Let’s Be Honest with Ourselves

Photo by Will Temple

I clearly remember the moment. It was a lonely Friday night. I was in front of my computer, my mind lost in introspection when the awful realization hit me that I was afraid of rejection.

Strange how this was such a huge revelation for me. The person I thought I was — an independent ‘lone wolf’ who didn’t need the acceptance of others — was complete fiction. This self-deception (or was it willful blindness?) caused me years of unnecessary anxiety and frustration.

I wasn’t even aware of my own self-denial. I only knew that something was terribly wrong with me. If only there was something like Critical Stimulus back then…

Critical Stimulus is a word association psychoanalysis method based on experiments by influential psychologist Carl G. Jung. It uncovers unconscious fears, hidden agendas, guilt, unresolved personal issues and much more.

If there is an emotional-psychological disturbance exerting invisible control over your life, Critical Stimulus will shine a spotlight on it. Results will always be personal and highly sensitive. As such, it’s important to only use Critical Stimulus with people you trust.

Read the straight-forward instructions, test yourself or someone else, and you’ll see what I mean.

Critical Stimulus is now available as a physical card deck (100 cards and instruction book) and as a printable PDF version.

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