How H+ is #1 Conversational Hypnosis Technique to Succeed


They’re one of the ways you measure success. That might be your own success or it could just as easily be another person’s.

For instance, it could refer to whether or not you were able to help your client resolve a particular issue or break a bad habit…

Or whether or not your client was able to maintain their momentum at specific points following your initial work with them. Say when you followed up 1 month later, 6 months later, or even a year later…

Or if you’re a teacher, whether you were able to effectively get your point across to your students… while inspiring them along the way.

It is, after all, a result-oriented society we live in. From the early years in school to the time when you settle into a career — your progress is often determined by the kinds of outcomes you achieve.

And whether you’re talking about a hypnosis technique or about life in general, there’s one sure-fire method you can employ to guarantee you get the best results possible.

That method is H+.

Whatever you do, do it from a place of good intention. That involves everything you probably know about H+ already, such as:

  • Building rapport from the get-go
  • Empathizing with the other person
  • Bristling over with compassion
  • Oozing positivity and enthusiasm
  • Emitting powerfully calming, relaxing energy

You need to connect with people, but not on a superficial level.

To make H+ work in your favor, that connection has to be so strong, so powerful, and so full of positive intensity that it infects the other person and makes them feel the same.

That’s what H+ is all about. It’s hypnosis plus. It’s hypnosis with bells on. It’s being able to put aside your own thoughts and your own opinions, knowing that these things will influence the way you speak, the way you behave, and the way you perform.

You need to get in sync with the other person, which can be difficult to do if you’re wrapped up in your own little world.

Like when you’ve got your own issues niggling away in the back of your mind. At times like that, making a genuine connection with another person can be something of a challenge.

So what can you do? You can get into a state of harmony and flow.

It’s an idea echoed by the HeartMath Institute, which is explained further in the above video.

Get Your Heart & Mind Working Together

There are times when people give up or stop doing something. Like a job, or a hobby, or a school or college course. It’s just not setting them on fire any longer. And what reason do they give? They tell you that their heart isn’t in it.

Likewise, you may have seen one of those house-hunting programs where people go to visit a property 2 or 3 times.

During the first visit, they look at the building with their heart. They’re trying to get a feel for it.

Does it excite them? Will they be proud to live in it?

Can they see themselves spending a considerable number of years living in it? Does it live up to their expectations for the present?

Will it continue to do that into the future? Is it the kind of place they’ll want to show off to their friends and family?

Then, on their second visit, they take a totally different approach. They look at it with their head. Is it value for money? Is it the right size? Does it have all the features they need? Are there any problems that need to be addressed? Will they be faced with long-term repairs or costly refurbishments?

The difference is obvious. On the first viewing, it’s all about emotion. On the second, it’s all about the practicalities.

Being human, we’re able to separate these two facets of our personalities — the heart and the head — when we need to. But the real power comes not from keeping them separate, but from combining them.

When what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling are in sync with each other, it creates a unique kind of synergy. Your heart and mind are not actually exclusive entities, after all, because energy flows back and forth between the two of them all the time. The trick is to somehow regulate this flow of energy so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

So that instead of simply relying on one or the other, you can tap into their combined power. When you’re able to do that, research indicates that you’ll experience less stress, more creativity, and greater mental clarity.

You’ll deal with situations on a much more intuitive level.

You’ll feel like you’re in the flow, or in the zone, more often.

And you’ll find it easier to communicate, to manage projects, and to deal with challenges.

About The HeartMath Institute

Helping people find this heart-mind balance is what the HeartMath Institute strives to do. It was established in 1991 with the aim of empowering people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

According to their website, since that time they’ve:

“Researched and developed reliable, scientifically based tools to help people bridge the connection between their hearts and minds, and deepen their connection with the hearts of others.” — HeartMath tweet

Notice the last 8 words of that sentence:

“Deepen their connection with the hearts of others.”

That’s really just another way of describing H+, isn’t it?

Being able to rely more on your heart and less on your head makes absolutely perfect sense. Especially if you’ve got any experience with hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Think about it for a minute. Whenever you put someone into a hypnotic trance, you’re trying to get them out of their head, so to speak. You’re trying to bypass that thinking, critical, analytical, conscious mind and get at the unconscious. Why? Because that’s where imagination, creativity, intuition and all those really cool things can be found.

When you hear someone say they went with their gut, or they followed their instincts, what are they really saying?

They’re telling you they followed their heart. They went with what felt right, instead of spending hours, days or weeks mulling the situation over in their head.

It’s not by accident that you look at a potential home with your heart first. To fall in love with it, there has to be an emotional connection. So, for instance, if you’re looking for somewhere new to live, it has to be somewhere that stirs your emotions. Otherwise, it’s just a building.

According to research done by the folks at HeartMath, whenever you feel genuine compassion or appreciation it increases what they call your heart coherence.

Everything you do is driven by your thoughts and emotions, which in turn influence your choices, your behaviors, and your results.

That little voice in your head is your heart telling you to follow your intuition, and the trick is to pay attention to it more often instead of letting your ego lead the way.

What has that got to do with hypnosis [therapy] or H+?

Research shows that when you act on behalf of other people it makes you feel better. You experience less stress. In other words, it’s good for you. And since hypnosis [therapy] is intrinsically designed to benefit other people, here’s a way to increase your effectiveness and create a win-win scenario at the same time. Better for you, and better for them.

As the HeartMath Institute would put it, once you can slow down your mind and pay more attention to what your heart is telling you, you’ll enjoy a more natural and intuitive connection with other people — and with the world around you.

Further research shows that getting into this state of heart coherence benefits you, other people, your pets and even the environment.

When groups of two or more people are in coherence they’re able to communicate at an intuitive level. They’re in sync with each other to such an extent that it makes them more effective and leads to greater outcomes. And that can be applied to your family, your friends, your co-workers, your clients, or anyone else you spend time with.

The thing is that this heart coherence is not static. Every beat of your heart sends energy flowing around your body and out into the external environment.

HeartMath’s research tells us that information about your emotional state is actually encoded within your heart’s magnetic field. That means that whatever you’re feeling is transmitted, not just to the various parts of your body, but to anyone or anything you happen to be near.

In other words, your emotions are carried along by this energy source, actively reaching out to other people, where it has the potential to influence and support them.

Put More Heart Into H+

Here’s an interesting fact:

Did you know that the magnetic field produced by your heartbeat can be detected several feet away?

You need specialist equipment like magnetometers to identify it, but it’s there nevertheless.

That means energy is pouring out of your body and, if you’re close enough to them, into someone else’s body.

Whatever you happen to be feeling at the time, they’re going to pick it up. With that kind of irrefutable proof, it makes more sense than ever to practice hypnosis [therapy] with H+ in mind.

To borrow a phrase from a well-known song, you want to be sending out good vibrations. Giving your client the most effective and productive hypnosis [therapy] session means getting your H+ on:

In addition to the above, it means getting in sync with them so you can really make a difference in their lives.

It means going with your instincts and channeling all your energy into resolving their issues.

It’s H+ taken to a whole new level, giving you the ability to encourage others in a subtle and intuitive fashion — which can only lead to better results for everyone concerned.

And it’s bound to make you a more successful hypnotist along the way.