How To Do A Hypnotic Instant Induction That Releases Negative Energy [Igor Ledochowski VIDEO]

Hypnosis may be the bearer of many misconceptions.

But one thing you can’t dispute is how it captures and teases people’s imaginations.

And one technique in particular that never fails to do just that is a hypnotic instant induction.

As let’s face it, even the “non-believers” are in awe at the sight of watching someone be put into a deep trance at the drop of a hat (or for the purpose of this article, a pocket watch).

But the other inspiring thing about instant inductions is the type of change work you can do in a very short time as a hypnotist.

Igor Ledochowski demonstrates how to do a hypnotic instant induction, in addition to giving a very practical and rewarding gift: the ability to release negative energy.

So check it out…