Quantum Healing Therapy And Dolores Cannon

Learning about the past lives sounds very exciting and interesting, but it is not just amusement you get from diving into the details of your past lives, you can make your present and future better. Dolores Cannon’s hypnosis method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique or QHHT helps you do just that. This technique induces voluntary participant into trance state like Somnambulism with the use of visualization. We experience this state in daily life twice, once is exactly before you fall into sleep and next is just right before you wake up to conscious state. Many hypnotists in history avoided using this method for research as the results were inexplicable and strange. However, Dolores Canon’s research on reincarnation and related knowledge with the development of QHHT to conduct past life regression session brought about a revolution in hypnotherapy. You can get QHHT Dolores Cannon Melbourne past life regression sessions in different reputable hypnotherapy clinics.

What did Dolores Canon achieved from her research?

Dolores worked with many subjects in state of somnambulism and explored different possibilities in hypnotherapy. She found out through her research that any individual is capable gaining access to their past lives and experiences they have been through. She discovered how each individual could communicate with powerful and infinitely knowledgeable aspect of themselves. This infinitely powerful aspect is always inside of us but not in our conscious mind, it is in the subconscious level and therefore needs to be gained access for. Through QHHT she and many other practitioners of this technique have helped thousands of people in all this years.
You can find a reputable and trusted QHHT Dolores Canon Melbourne practitioner and find out more about your past lives to deal with issues of present and future.