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Feb 6, 2019 · 4 min read

To date, messengers are among the most common applications. This is facilitated by the widespread dissemination of smartphones and Internet access. With every passing day, more and more messengers are appearing on the market. Each messenger has its own audience, and as a result, it is necessary to install dozens of applications in the smartphone to communicate with friends.

HYPX team is developing a multifunctional messenger, the architecture thereof is based on P2P communication, distributed data storage in IPFS and end-to-end encryption. The solution, based on a combination of these technologies, is consistent with the principles of decentralization, confidentiality and resistance to attacks.

HYPX Features

  • individual and group text chats,
  • public groups and chats,
  • audio calls,
  • video calls,
  • information channels,
  • HYPX transfers between users,
  • accelerator of ads revenue.

HYPX provides all users with the opportunity to earn revenue spending time on the app with an accelerator if users holds 5.000.000 HYPX tokens , X1.25 accelerator to generate more revenue adding more ads on their chat.

HYPX Technical Advantages

Decentralized architecture. HYPX architecture is developed on the basis of P2P communication without the participation of servers, distributed data storage in IPFS and end-to-end encryption.

Application of smart contracts. Contract lock via smart contracts on the Ethereum platform for every AC125-HYPX.

Security. The use of asymmetric end-to-end encryption and P2P connections between HYPX applications eliminates the possibility of intercepting user correspondence.

Anonymity. To identify HYPX users, an ID generated on the blockchain side is used, this ID is stored on the HYPX blockchain (Ethereum) linked with an Ethereum Address.

Confidentiality. The absence of servers that store user correspondence excludes the disclosure of this information at the request of government agencies or as a result of hacker attacks. Protection against wiretapping. The network connection between the interlocutors is established directly outside the server, and all the transmitted data is encrypted. This technical solution excludes the possibility of «wiretapping» and interception of text messages.

Protection against blocking. Using P2P connections for communication and the DHT mechanism to determine the IP address and TCP / UDP ports of the interlocutor exclude the technical possibility of administrative blocking of HYPX operation.

Absence of single point of failure. HYPX doesn’t use the server to exchange messages, as well as make audio and video calls, therefore, there is no central link, the malfunction of which could lead to unavailability of the service.

Secure storage of correspondence. HYPX users have the option of storing correspondence in IPFS. All user data is stored in an encrypted form. Data security is provided by duplicating data on multiple nodes.

Cross-platform versions. Versions of the HYPX application are developed for all popular platforms.

Optimization. Thanks to careful optimization and code refactoring, the HYPX application will not occupy much space in the device memory, and the use of hardware encryption will save battery power.

The core of the HYPX messenger is the concept of decentralized messaging. This concept lies in creating an instant messenger, which will ensure the anonymity of users, confidentiality of correspondence and the absence of a single point of failure.

Market Analysis and Reasoning

The mobile application market, and in particular, the messenger segment, is one of the fastest growing markets of the digital industry. Combining several large segments HYPX claims to be one of the major driving forces in this field. For the analysis, the following segments were chosen in which HYPX claims to take its place:

  • common market for mobile applications,
  • the market for mobile instant messengers,
  • voice communications market using mobile messengers.

Below, is the values of the main analyzed value in recent years with growth prospects. Provided that HYPX will take 2–3% of total share, the company’s capitalization will exceed $3–5 billion within 2–3 years after the launch of the updated application.

  1. The global market for mobile applications accounts for $166 billion in 2017.
  2. Number of messenger users in 2019 will reach 3.827 billion — half the world’s population.

Source :

Affiliate Program

One of the main principles of the HYPX team is mutual cooperation. We are constantly looking for new partners. The one-level referral program is designed to attract users and provide the opportunity to earn internal tokens for active users of attracting referrals. The system provides not only a fixed fee for each active customer involved, but also a percentage of its payments and service revenue from commission fees.

Here are just a few ways to use the referral program for referral deductions

  • Publication of the link in specialized groups and forums dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology (we are wary of spam, for this we recommend to publish links in a native format with a small description of HYPX, and for the convenience of users, we have prepared several prepared materials that you can use);
  • Run targeted or contextual advertising using your own referral link.

Thus, the HYPX team will receive additional coverage among the loyal audience and additional inflow of investments, and users will be able to increase their investments many times.

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