Hypnoxys distributes over 31.875.000.000 tokens, raises hard cap

Hypnoxys distributes over 31.875.000.000 tokens, raises hard cap; $2.234 M through their token distribution campaign including pre sale, token sale + 2 VC groups from Denmark, the decentralized chat service firm with aim to give revenue for the usage of the app to all the chat users around the world, has sold more than 31 billion $HYPX tokens during its distribution campaign.

Token sale buyers now have in hands 21.573.982.315 tokens , meantime VC + Private investors groups own 10.301.017.685 tokens ; with a contract in which none of our tokens can be sold until July 2020 to protect token sale contributors from major investors. We have been running an amazing campaign through an incredible media groups through the help of Bitcoinprbuzz and major media sites as Marketwatch, Yahoo finance, Bitcoinews.

All HYPX tokens which were sold already has been sent to its owners. Now HYPX tokens might be bought only via cryptocyrrency exchange services. HYPX tokens which belongs to Hypnoxys team are locked till mid 2020.

Check out our FAQ for more details regarding the team tokens : https://hypnoxys.com/faq/

Short Overview to the protocol

Hypnoxys messenger is the concept of decentralized messaging. This concept lies in creating an instant messenger, which will ensure the anonymity of users, confidentiality of correspondence and the absence of a single point of failure.

The Hypnoxys application allows customers to interact in the form of a chat. The chatting process is enhanced by a variety of tools that automate and speed up the whole process.

The need to connect and freely communicate with others lies at the core of being human. And it is quite natural to expect that our communication with one another is not susceptible to eaves dropping and censorship, or at the mercy of centralized gatekeepers. That is why the app uses a decentralized chat system. A decentralized chat system can easily generate the user’s unique identity through the use of public key cryptography. The chat system offers a level of service scalability and reuses except at the deepest layers of the internet technology stack.

Next steps

Our new goals are to build a strong community and create the best product in our industry, soon we will release our detailed roadmap and release news regarding the listings on exchanges.

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