Who Gaines?

I just wasted twelve perfectly good neurons reading about the ginned up controversy over those reality television house fixing stars. They have a pastor who preaches that gay people are an abomination, that gay behavior is the product of sexual abuse.

I don’t have a television, and wouldn’t watch house repair shows if I did, but by all accounts these people seem bubbly and nice enough.

The right-wing spin on this is that Buzzfeed has unfairly attacked them for being christians. And contrary to what Angry Rightwing Twitter would have you believe, it’s not just about disagreeing with same-sex marriage. It’s about thinking, in 2016, that an LGBT lifestyle is a choice. It’s about literally preaching that the behavior is a product of assault, or pornogrpahy. In 2016. It’s about the notion that one can “pray away the gay.” In 2016.

Yes, this is their preacher, not the house fixer-uppers. This is not their barista or their stylist. This is their spiritual leader. If my pastor, or my rabbi, or my priest said these things, I would be looking for a new church, pronto.

If you choose to live your life as a public commodity, where corporations are buying advertisements off your image, you are choosing to give up pieces of your private internal life, and how you live your life influences those decisions.

Don’t want to be labeled intolerant? Don’t be intolerant. There are no shortage of tolerant, inclusive churches in the country. And if you want to be intolerant and hateful, fine, but expect it to haunt you a little.