MIND OF MARZ: PS4 and the current Gen

Catching a glimpse of my PS4 homescreen the other day, I realized that I was finally happy about the current generation. For one, the first couple of tiles are filled with spots of GAMES that I actually like to play. Not demos, not things I Downloaded just to mess around with the system, and not apps. Actual Games. On top of that, from the image above, you can see that all the games in view are Japanese made. While I love Western games, I’m somewhat biased towards Japanese software. I didn’t necessarily mind when Western games took over last gen, because I enjoyed Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat etc. but what made it bad was that Japanese games weren’t just somewhat down, they had almost fallen completely off the map for a while. They’re back though with some great releases. On top of that, 4 (5 if you include P.T.) of these games are PS4 exclusives. I’m starting to actually have numerous fun gaming experiences, that can only be had on the PS4.

Aside from what you see here, the list of good Japanese PS4 titles is quite expansive. My favorites include the 3 games in the Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku series, Bloodborne and King of Fighters XIV. Dark Souls III and Metal Gear Solid V while not exclusive, are great Japanese games from this generation. There’s more to come as well, both exclusive and not. Nier Automata, Tekken 7, Kingdom Hearts III and the list goes on. As I said, this generation overall has finally had some other great titles as well, including many from the west like Mortal Kombat X, Dragon Age Inquisition, Star Wars Battle Front.

While it seems weird to just list a bunch of games I like, this generation truly got off to a terribly slow start. Luckily I was able to experience the PS4 launch in Japan so I was able to get Ryu ga Gotoku Isshin (a Yakuza series game based in the mid 1800s, where the main character both wields swords and firearms), because outside of that there was nothing releasing for a while I wanted to play. While I spent a lot of time playing Destiny, the games random systems kinda left me feeling empty, no matter how many hours I pumped into it. On top of that, colleagues I know who own XBox One and play primarily Western Games still feel that this generation is lacking. So I can say my tendency to lean toward Japanese games, and having a PS4 has definitely helped to make this generation great.

With Horizon Zero Dawn out in a few days, Gran Turismo yet to launch and God of War and Last of Us 2 on the way, PS4 owners have barely even been able to touch the surface when it comes to Sony 1st party titles. With more exclusives, from Japanese and Western developers, this generation is slowly changing from laughably terrible, to amazing. That is, if you own a PS4.

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