Scaling Good — Movement Building in the Metaverse

Communities in Web 3.0 are being rapidly built pixel by pixel and many are super forces of social good. In this series of columns, we will highlight the social good and real world impact that communities are leveraging blockchain, NFTs, and metaverses are making to improve our society as a whole.

We have chosen to kick-off on Giving Tuesday by highlighting a series of NFT projects over the comings weeks that are driven by social good missions.

Today’s NFT project is an environmental related project created by Luisa “Lulu” (@luluon_theloose on twitter) who is a product manager by day as well as a self-taught watercolor painter, a Latina YouTube vlogger, and passionate imperfect environmentalist. She decided to start creating multi-media art that incorporates street trash and shared videos to unite community members in the vision of a sustainable environment — a vision where low-income communities are included, women are empowered, and humans live in harmony with nature.

Lulu’s inspiration is nature and her goal is to highlight what communities are already doing to contribute, invite others to join, and invest proceeds back into the community through non-profits or directly with locals.

One of the organizations, Lulu has chosen to work with is Stroke your Eco. Lulu, alongside an amazing band of volunteers, spends time doing beach cleanups along the Jersey Shore, where there are many tourists enjoying the waterways. The volunteers have given up their Saturday or Sunday mornings to pull in anything from garbage, tires, old bicycles, furniture and the list goes on. Stroke your Eco is in the process of turning the LLC into a non-profit and are seeking funds to assist them via gofundme.

Lulu has committed to providing 25% of her current NFT collection “Nature’s Eyes” and 25% of her upcoming photography NFT collection to Stroke your Eco.

Lynn Brotherstone, the founder of Stroke your Eco, shared the following comments regarding working on this eco initiative, “one woman alone is powerful enough to create change, but women working together supporting and inspiring one another creates a deeper sense of purpose, pride and commitment to something that is by far much bigger than they themselves and in turn a breakthrough in society starts happening collectively. It may not happen overnight, but it’s promised that the tides eventually do roll in. The outpouring of support thus far in my journey of paddling for the planet is unlike anything that I have experienced and Luisa is one of those women who has assisted with the inspiration to keep it going full force.”


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HYP is the first major social-good omni-channel network, committed to changing the face of media by amplifying global voices and increasing creator ownership.