By Elenah Kimaru

The HyracBox

The gap to accessing educational content has always been there especially for marginalized and disenfranchised communities. Covid-19, however, has come to accentuate this gap and the disparities have become clear than daylight.

The need to work on solutions that cater to all backgrounds becoming dire each day; without which, children from these communities will suffer insurmountable consequences such as never getting back to normalcy even when the world gets back on its feet.

In a report compiled by UNESCO, “Half of the total number of learners — some 826 million students — kept out of the classroom…

HyracTech & Operation Bootstrap Africa

At HyracTech, we are big champions for incorporating technology in the classroom .We have put lots of efforts to ensuring that this can be achieved and we found out that; for this to work, everyone has to be involved and this includes teachers, students, administrators and the government.

We recently held a workshop in Arusha Tanzania, courtesy of Operation Bootstrap Africa (OBA).

Who is Operation Bootstrap Africa?

This is a non-profit organization that partners with communities in Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar. They partner with local organizations/groups, use local resources and follow local priorities.

They are…

We are in #Bor #SouthSudan!

We first met with Bior the founder of Ataka Hub in #Rhino Refugee Settlement in Uganda during a training that was held by r0g. He was a trainer here and we got to know of his plans to set up a hub in Bor South Sudan.

Fast forward, the #Hyracbox is now in Bor South Sudan!!!We are so excited by the prospects that this holds!!!

A little background on the process of getting the #Hyracbox.

  1. Get in touch with our team and let us and let us know of your interest
  2. We get to assess…

Whatever it takes, because the future is tech and Kids are the IT in I.T

It is said that we need to become the change that we seek, we could not agree more with this phrase. At HyracTech, we believe that technology should be at the forefront of everything that people do on a daily basis. We believe that for the young generation to succeed, there is a need for them to acquire tech skills from a very tender age and for this to be nurtured overtime.

This is why we have been working towards ensuring that we bridge this…

It can be easy to have great ideas though executing them becomes another story all the same. At Hyrac Tech, we are all about celebrating each milestone we have achieved as well as celebrating our partners and you for making this a reality!

2018 was what we can call a” Year of Many Firsts” and we would like to celebrate this before we can delve further into 2019.

We launched our very first initiative was HyracED using the Hyracbox in partnership with Lanet High school! We also had the opportunity to organize digital literacy workshops for the local community. Our…

#ASKotec = Access to Skills and Knowledge: open tech emergency case

I have this belief in skills if we are to make any economic impact and especially for my country where there are limited jobs despite the fact that young people are well schooled, the expectations and the standards set are that standard college or university education will essentially translate to getting a good job and economic growth for an individual. This has become such a fallacy and in most occasions young people are left distressed when these expectations that have built up over the years is not met.

Sometimes we do not need everything to make the difference we want to see around us, we at times just need the motivation or a little push. Getting out of our comfort zones and exploring, it can be unsettling, but fulfilling at the same time.

The story of #Hyracbox in South Sudan has a very simple genesis, with one of our partners #Askotec ensuring that our box was part of the kit, what unfolds later is a beautiful story, one that tells tales of #ThePowerOfOne, one that speaks for a community in need of resources. …

They say the world is a small circle connected in so many ways, that innovation from one place can set the whole world blazing. This is what #HyracTech and #Askotec’s collaboration brought the people of Nepal.

Adam, a representative from the Askotec team jetted to Nepal from Kenya on 19th of September 2018 with the sole purpose of introducing the Askotec kit to the people of Nepal and how they could utilize this to enhance their day to day operations. The Hyracbox which was recently incorporated into the kit also got to be part of this trip. …

They say a picture is more than 1000 words, I quite agree with them.

When we first rolled out our HyracEd program, we had set our expectations to a certain level and at some point felt 50/50 about it. How would the community/teachers and students react to it. This question lingered on.

We decided to take the risk anyway, after all, our mission is to empower the digital generation with skills. Isn’t that right?

When you roll out a competition for the first time, you of course have expectations, but may not be sure of the outcome. Read about our first competition here.

After months of developing applications with the guidelines we had given, we finally had winners. We had a sit down with Isaac Tunduny, one of the winners from our competition to pick his thoughts on the process.

How did you react when you first heard Hyrac Tech? Either on Facebook or in general the website.

I came to hear of HyracTech through social media, Whatsapp specifically. My initial reaction was that…

Hyrac Tech

Hyrac Tech is a social tech company that is focused on empowering people with the resources and education they need to succeed in these digital generation.

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