Hyrac Box at the Nepal Mini Maker Faire — Experience

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2 min readOct 31, 2018

They say the world is a small circle connected in so many ways, that innovation from one place can set the whole world blazing. This is what #HyracTech and #Askotec’s collaboration brought the people of Nepal.

Adam, a representative from the Askotec team jetted to Nepal from Kenya on 19th of September 2018 with the sole purpose of introducing the Askotec kit to the people of Nepal and how they could utilize this to enhance their day to day operations. The Hyracbox which was recently incorporated into the kit also got to be part of this trip. We were more than excited for this!

What was your experience like in Nepal

It was interesting to be in Nepal, the people there are hospitable. They are also very advanced technologically with students in Primary school level building drones, working on robotics something I would wish students in Kenya would be exposed to from an early stage. They also are engaged on hands on skills such as arts.

What workshops were you engaged in during the maker faire

I was engaged in a Training of trainers workshop(TOT). Basically, I trained the participants on what the Kit is about, how to handle it and how to use the tools available. We also had a session on how to build a USB mobile phone solar charger.

What was your experience like interacting with both the Hyracbox and the Askotec Kit?

After I gave a presentation on the kit and how the box works, People were curious about Hyrac box as an offline server and they even thought that it was a power bank. I had the chance to explain to them how it works and how it can be customized to the needs of an individual as well as that of organizations.

Would you recommend the box to other organizations? Why?

Yes. It is portable, cost effective and can be used without a hustle.

What is your Recommendation?

The box should have a power bank of its own and majorly if solar powered, this would be the best!

(Hoping Askotec will be designing this for us soon with their Kit!!!!)

Photo credits to: Askotec



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