They say a picture is more than 1000 words, I quite agree with them.

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When we first rolled out our HyracEd program, we had set our expectations to a certain level and at some point felt 50/50 about it. How would the community/teachers and students react to it. This question lingered on.

We decided to take the risk anyway, after all, our mission is to empower the digital generation with skills. Isn’t that right?

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We approached different schools about the idea of piloting the HyracBox and providing materials in an offline setting and we have a school already signed up! Talk of progress. It wasn’t easy though. Presentations had to be made and demonstrations done!

With the school holidays fast approaching, there was little we could do but to wait for schools to resume for another semester which begins in May.

Third alternatives, they seem best in situations like ours, with a single room and four tables and a couple of laptops; we piloted HYRACED! Did I hear drum rolls? Yes we did it!

The beauty of this whole set up. We had more than 30 students sign up! From little kids as young as 8 years. The experience has been worth more than anything we would have bargained for!

The joy of touching a computer for the first time, learning basic computer skills, to students accessing free learning materials. We could clearly see it, but as I said, pictures can speak better for themselves.

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We are glad to be partnering with Lanet Mixed Highschool in Nakuru Kenya. We hope that our program in this school will set up a pace for all other schools in Kenya.

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Hyrac Tech is a social tech company that is focused on empowering people with the resources and education they need to succeed in these digital generation.

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