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Whatever it takes, because the future is tech and Kids are the IT in I.T

It is said that we need to become the change that we seek, we could not agree more with this phrase. At HyracTech, we believe that technology should be at the forefront of everything that people do on a daily basis. We believe that for the young generation to succeed, there is a need for them to acquire tech skills from a very tender age and for this to be nurtured overtime.

This is why we have been working towards ensuring that we bridge this gap and change perspectives. Our recent partnership with WawezaMovement has become one of the many ways we are bridging the tech gap for young kids in Kenya.

A little more details about WawezaMovement

It is a movement that is dedicated to changing Africa. They started a Rescue Center in Kakamega where they currently host 40 kids. Their mission is to rescue children, restore hope for these kids, offer them shelter, food, clothing and education while helping in developing them into disciplined, skilled and independent persons.

Their rescue centre currently hosts 40 vibrant young kids and teenagers.

You can learn more about what they do and join their movement by clicking here.

Need a planner, ask for the WawezaTeam and the HyracTeam.

You may just get things right at a fee of course( I am kidding). But truth be told, a lot of planning went into setting the whole project; which proved to be an essential part of setting up the techlab in Kakamega at the rescue centre.

It took us a couple of months to plan but the wait and all the planning was totally worth it. A great plan is followed by executing and just like any goal that nudges you on to actualization, this was one of those projects we were all waiting eagerly to implement. After much planning, a day was agreed upon when the techlab was to be setup.

Our team set off from Nakuru for Kakamega with loads of excitement. Day one was basically spent setting the lab and having painting lessons. (work without play makes Jack a dull boy)

Day two was the most promising day where we had different activities from Introduction to computer basics, how the Hyracbox works, more painting lessons, fun and games and a mentorship session.

Just a snippet of tech skills for kids in Kenya

In Kenya, the most common trend is to attend school up to high school level without the basics in tech or lets just say computer studies. For most kids, they only get a feel of how a computer works in high school and sometimes this is a luxury and a reserve for the chosen few. For another majority, if they are lucky enough and depending on the current financial status of their families, they get to attend what is commonly referred to as “Computer packages”. This takes an average of three months and basically for most this happens immediately after they leave high school. With the mushrooming of colleges and cyber cafes purporting to offer lessons, the quality of the lessons is something we may need to talk about some other time.

This is one of the many reasons why we believe that kids should be introduced to technology at a very tender age.

The most interesting part of our interaction with the amazing kids at the centre was getting to let them in on the basics of computer skills. We made sure that our sessions were interactive allowing them to ask questions and also tell us what they know about computers. For most of them, the question was whether we were leaving the laptops behind (they actually did not know that we were).

It was more than amazing to watch them eagerly learn and absorb almost everything that we shared. We are glad that we became a part of the people who are building them to become the future technologists.

With an already set techlab and resources in the Hyracbox at their disposal, things can only get better for them.

Whatever it takes to see these children succeed, we will ensure that we work towards this.

Let us know if you also would like to get involved in this project, you can email us at info@hyractech.com or join the WawezaMovement

(Ask yourself if you are doing enough, if you are not, it’s time to find another challenge. You need to re-evaluate what you are working on and plan on making things better.)

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