May I Use Your Phone

The year was 2003. I had few friends & I was bored out of my mind. I went to a club & got drunk along the way there. I may have bought a beer or two from the bar. I was an even greater L7 then than I am now. I was slick on the prowl but every woman in there was out of my league. That is until I saw this young lady playing a virtual gambling game at the bar. I didn’t have a cell phone at the time but I had one at home.

I boldly walked over to her at the to ask her to use her phone. She allowed me to use it after taking money out of the leather surrounding case. I used her phone to call my house phone. I let it ring until my built-in answering machine picked up & gave her back the phone.
“Thank you,” I told her. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“Judy” (not her actual name).

“Nice to meet you, Judy. My name is Hyrim. By the way, what time is it?” I asked.

“10:30,” she said.

“Thank you. Have a good night.”

I went home right after our exchange to look at the caller ID at the call that was made at 10:30. I saw the number & called it back & asked for ‘Judy.’

“Who is this?” She asked.

“This the dude who used your phone at the club.”

“So that’s what you used my phone for?”


“That’s cool,” she laughed.

We were cool for a few years there after. We hit it off instantly. This is one of my only success stories in introducing myself to a young lady. All because I was a drunk square. But I got it done though.