Editing interview rounds

To edit interview rounds for a position, go to POSITIONS section and select EDIT from the dropdown menu in the position list.

Alternatively, open the position you want to edit, and click EDIT in the position page.

Then, in INTERVIEW ROUNDS tab, you can edit the followings:

  • Round name: Simply type and overwrite.
  • Interviewer: Click ‘+’ and add one or more interviewer(s). You can keep it blank if you want.
  • Evaluation form: Set an evaluation form for each of the rounds.
  • To add more interview rounds, click ‘Add round’ in the bottom.
  • To change the order of interview rounds, keep pressing this icon and drag to the position you want to move to.
  • To remove an interview round, click trash icon.

Once you’re done with all changes you want to make, click SAVE.

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