Sending a link request to Recruitment Agency

You can assign positions to recruitment agencies that are ‘linked’ with your organization on HYRNG. To get your agencies linked with your organization, take the following steps:

  • Click Settings icon in the header, and select Directory.
  • Go to RECRUITMENT AGENCIES tab, and click ‘+’ button.
  • Select ‘Select a recruitment agency’ and start typing company name (or HYRNG ID, if you know) of your recruitment agency, and see if you find them from suggestions displayed.
  • In case you exactly know HYRNG ID of your recruitment agency, select ‘Enter HYRNG ID of a recruitment agency’ and enter HYRNG ID.
  • If you cannot find your recruitment agency, ask them to let you know HYRNG ID (if they’re already registered with HYRNG) or to register with HYRNG (if not yet). Click the link below the input box to trigger an email to a recruitment agency.
  • After you select a recruitment agency, in case you want to inform someone (such as your account manager in the recruitment agency) of the link request that you’ll be sending, add such persons.
  • Click SEND A LINK REQUEST. A link request will be sent to Admin members of the selected recruitment agency. You’ll receive email notification once the request is accepted; then, you can assign positions to this agency.

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