Setting application form templates for Career Website

Having custom templates and setting the default application form to be used in career website minimizes the work required while creating a new position.


  • Go to Settings > Templates > Application Form > Career website.
  • To edit an existing template, hover the row and click EDIT.
  • To create a new template, click ‘+’ button.
  • Application form title (mandatory): Name this template, such as “Sales application form” or “Engineer application form”. Application form title is for internal purpose, and it will not be displayed in the application form.
  • Message: You can add any message you want to display to applicants in the beginning of the application form, if any.
  • Name, email and phone: Those are always mandatory fields.
  • Other fields: You can select either of mandatory, optional or OFF. In the application form, applicants must fill out mandatory fields. The fields that are OFF will not be displayed in the application form.
  • Click PREVIEW to check out how the application form looks like.
  • Click SAVE to save changes.


  • Select one of the templates as default. When creating a new position, the default template will be initially selected (which you can change for each of the positions).

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