Go Into The Story: The Future?
Scott Myers

Hi, Scott,

First of all, I love your blog. I find it informative and inspirational, exactly as you wanted it to be. For me, it is perfect as it is and THANK YOU for it!

Re you questions about possible directions for GITS, I asked myself what are my needs as a scriptwriter, and the answer revolved around terms like ‘collaboration’, ‘brainstorming’, ‘helping each other’. Now and then I try to find partners to write with. Since writing is such a lonely activity, collaboration tend to bring with it energy and drive, plus it’s always nice to have someone who can help when things get stuck.

Through time I found out that the model that suits me best is the model of mutual help. Someone helps me with my idea/script, and in return I help him with his/her idea/script.

Back to GITS. Maybe, among other things, it can be a place where writers can meet in order to elaborate their scripts — according to which model? That is something that should be found. Maybe online workshops, where people bring their ideas and others give their inputs, as in your classes. Or as an exercises — following your ‘A story idea each day’ — there can be an elaboration of script idea in a community of writers, or in small online groups; or — any other model of collaboration.

Just thoughts.

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