Hyr + Platterz Pair Up — just in time for the Holidays

Info HYR
Info HYR
Nov 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Toronto — Platterz and Hyr are teaming up to make corporate holiday planning even more seamless.

Platterz is an office catering platform curating food from Toronto’s top local restaurants and caterers, bringing people together over delicious food experiences. While Hyr connects businesses to hospitality professionals to fill any shift, at any time. Platterz + Hyr saw the potential to help businesses who are starting to plan for their busy corporate holiday season.

“Our clients who take advantage of our platform love that every detail is taken care of for them by Platterz — from catering and venue bookings to entertainment and on-site coordination. When the day of the event comes around they feel confident having some extra hands on-site to help set up the catering, serve the food or even bartend,” said Tal Brodsky, Director of Partnerships at Platterz.

How it works: When a business using Platterz is looking for some extra hands, they can now order staff alongside their corporate catering needs. There is a set hourly rate for the staff, based on what skill is needed. The Pros who work the shifts are sourced using the Hyr platform.

“We are thrilled to be working with Platterz to help businesses access staff, when the need it,” said Erika Mozes, COO at Hyr. “We can’t wait to provide more opportunity for Hyr Pros during the holidays, a time of year when many in the industry are looking for extra hours.”

The partnership will start in Toronto. As of today, businesses can access staffing through Platterz. Start booking today for your holiday needs.


Hyr connects hospitality and retail businesses with workers to fill any shift, at any time. Businesses access workers, fast, at the best possible price. And workers earn extra income and portable benefits, when they have availability in their schedule. Hyr’s fully mobile platform is live in Toronto and New York, with over 11k Pros and more than 300 businesses.


Platterz is an office catering platform curating food from Toronto’s top local restaurants and caterers, customized to feed diverse teams. From team breakfasts and lunches to executive meetings and special events, Platterz is a one-stop shop for office catering. They are on a mission to cultivate happy workplaces and improve office culture through delicious food experiences.

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