China Stock dropped / USA World Economy

China has the 2nd biggest economy in the world, last 5 years China had a extreme rapid economic growth. Currently every year China follow USA’s economy steps but Jan 2016 China’s economy having problem with stock. North Korea’s H-bomb experiment and Europe, middle eastern countries unstable economy all effect to the world economy and currently most of the enterprises in China keep declines, especially Chinese currency yuan value keep decline.

Ironically Euro is pretty much the only currency that keep increase the currency value. It will be an important time for US economy because 2016 US have a presidential election and lot of candidates aiming people’s perspective about the economy and refugee problems that US trouble with other countries.

In my opinion 2016 will be the hard time for US and the world economy because once people elect the new president country will have a time to having a conflict between two political groups and lot of policy will probably change so it will a big year for US economy also if US economy isn’t stable lots of country have a relationship with US will also having a unstable economy.

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