Here’s how Apple can dominate the gaming industry

Apple has been disrupting and transforming several digital industries with the introduction of many products in the past decade, ranging from the mobile phone with the iPhones, to computers with the Macbook and iMac, Television and TV providers with the Apple TV. All of these products have devoured a colossal segment of each industrial market share in a relatively short period of time with the introduction of several highly articulated products which are built with the highest quality sensors, display, and possibly even medical grade accelerometer which are capable of detecting even the slightest motion.

While these hardwares does the job in measuring necessary data for our everyday lives, it is an understatement that the amount of tech embedded in these products are an overkill for our daily usage. Which leads to a question I often ponder, what if these sensors work in synchrony to perform beyond their given purpose? What other markets are Apple able to penetrate while leveraging on existing technologies embedded in its sensors?

A new gaming identity with existing tech?

One particular interest in mind derived from the disruption of the gaming (console) industry which is a 41B dollar industry, while most traditional media platforms are able to be captured with the use of cross platform developer tools for games (such as unity), some of the markets remains undisruptable for Apple which mainly comprise of the wearables and motion sensor games on the Wii, Xbox one and PS4 (which they rely heavily on to maintain its market share). But what if Apple was able to disrupt these industries while maintaining its existing products and resources?

Lets explore the Apple Watch X Apple TV

Enter the Apple 360 ( lol just kidding, that was a horrible name. ) But imagine if we were to combine the technology of the accelerometer with the games that are readily available on the apple store through the publication of the accelerometer API, enabling an unparalleled gaming experience while leveraging on existing products. Imagine driving a car, or swinging a light sabre using only your apple watch and an Apple TV console ( Or an iPad) isn’t it freaking cool?

cooking games or maybe even morphing into your favourite power rangers, the possibilities are endless and needless to say, it would be another damn huge reason to buy an Apple Watch.

There are so much that we can do just by reimagining these identities and purpose which we have allocated to the existing technologies that we own, we often consider them as what they are and not the properties of the functions they hold. Don’t even get me started on what we can achieve with the touch ID yet. Imagine scrolling websites without smudging your screen *Throwback to blackberry ball!