02/24/2017 Transportation Meeting (needs picture)

Our team has decided that we will split into two groups — transportation and budget — to look more in depth to one specific problems and create a low-fidelity prototype.

  1. Budget System: Cheng Cheng, Hannah and Brian
  2. Transportation System: Tom, Max and Clara

During transportation meeting, the team decided to look at different kinds of solution we could look into. After much though we decided on three different solutions.

  1. Transportation App: Implementing google maps(?), provide feedback in mobile phone.
  2. Intractive Map: book of maps that focus on landmark as a way to help refugees get around.
  3. Interactive Map 2: similar to the first idea, but focuses more on exercises that refugees can complete as they travel to different places.

We have decided to draw out storyboards and edit as a group before client meeting to make sure that we are covering all the use cases for our potential solutions.

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