Online learning — my journey to learning Swift for iOS
Bizzi Bradbury

Same journey, almost same path

I too, am on a similar path to learn swift through online video tutorials, but unlike yourself, I came from a design background with very little coding knowledge beforehand. I used multiple different sources to learn as well, starting out with Treehouse, then trying Meng To’s Design+Code blog, and finally moving on to the same Udemy course.

I agree with your assessment about Treehouse. Presentation and production was above all, though there was no satisfaction after each lesson, which left me dreading wanting to go on.

Meng To’s Design+Code was a pleasant surprise. Though its geared more for learning Sketch 3, animations and interface building, its light on the coding aspect of Swift and Xcode. Some valuable lessons can be taken from here though if you’re lacking in the first 3 mentioned subjects.

Udemy, however, was my favorite out of the three, well, at the least first half of it was. The course layout was easiest to follow in my opinion, as you jump right into coding and interface building. With each chapter, you build a simple app that shows how to utilize the lesson you’re learning, which gave me a comforting sense of accomplishment. Treehouse had you strictly learning the Swift side before you even created an Xcode project file. When the Udemy course got into the more complicated things however in the second half of the course, I felt more of like a text copying robot and was not learning anything.

Following your advice, I’m gonna give Wunderlich’s course a shot now. Wish me luck!

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