Chip manufacturing is decentralized, and if somebody has the means to produce their own chips, there’s nothing we can do to stop them. If there’s someone out there looking to buy 30% of the hashrate on the network, and we refuse to sell to them, they can probably just go make their own chips. And once they’ve crossed the R&D hurdle there’s nothing stopping them from selling 20% hashrate to other interested large buyers.
Choosing ASICs for Sia
David Vorick

This contradicts with your earlier arguments about ASICS being expensive. The investment in R&D and manufacturing required to get “them” 30% of the hash rate is not going to be justified by the returns (unless the value of the sia network is substantially more than it is today, which could happen, but is extremely unlikely to happen in the timeframe you make your ASICS available, and hence your explanation seems exaggerated although I can see selling to large buyers for commercial reasons)

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