The Top 10 Moments from my First European Adventure

SourceCon Europe with Jan Tegze, Creator of Sourcing Games; Marriott Budapest 2018

Far from a stuffy, predictable and boring conference, SourceCon is the gathering that feels like a mix of the first day of school and a long-awaited family reunion.

Wow them while you woo them.

The median time to hire is 34 days (via Lever).

Recruiting Social reports that 46% of candidates lose interest if there are no status updates 1–2 weeks after the interview.

How do you keep candidates engaged in the hiring process?

Last week, I had the privilege to chat with the Queen of the Recruitosphere, Jackye Clayton, about strategies to maintain…

Welcome to Club Inbox: There is no guest list tonight

Good luck getting past the LinkedIn profile bouncers. Coming soon to a technical role near you.

My recruiting career began decades ago in my hometown of Los Angeles, aka the City of Angels, aka South Central Los Scandalous.

As early as my college days, working in the Human Resources & Recruiting fields connected me to…

Get creative to optimize your search results.

Main landing page to launch

By now, you’ve likely checked out the tool and have mastered the quick and easy search functionality.

For my last video in the 3-part Get to Know series, I share a few creative ideas for extracting value from the tool.

What other ideas do you have to optimize your search outcomes? Feel free to share! And don’t forget to start your two-day trial free of here.

Happy Sourcing!

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