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The biggest motivator for me to start prepping up seriously for any certification is by paying for that certification upfront. For few folks like me, concentration is high when things are at stake, so my adrenaline now helps me achieve my goals, since I’ve already experienced this when I wrote my AWS SysOps Administrator exam.

Few things very important to consider for any sort of prep:

  • Take notes, always, since personalized notes helps me recollect things easily.
  • For notes, I use Microsoft Onenote.
  • For Diagrams I use draw.io.
  • As I want my information available to me where ever I go on whatever device I’m.

Let’s get started.

Today is 23rd August 2020, and I’ve just started learning Kubernetes, and I’ve took an oath to completely understand the main topics required for me to successfully clear the CKA exam and also to help me on day to day activities at my workplace.

I’ve already paid for my exam 3 days back.

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My pace in learning will change day to day as per the schedule I can take out for preparing.

The current story will serve the purpose of indexing, and days mentioned below will be hyperlinked to the appropriate story.

Day 1 — Understanding Kubernetes

Day 2 —

Day 3 —

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