How to hold Donald Trump accountable
Restart GOP

It is good to see that there is voices that will attempt to hold the president-elect accountable in his communications. I hope that we all will keep the president-elect accountable in his actions and policies. I hope we can build strong political parties that align with the member’s values.

My greatest fear of the new executive branch is in the divisive use of hate. You touched on it — “Trumped” statements, “Sane Ron” “won’t make America great again.”

Going forward I hope that both sides of the aisle, and as a nation we will call out hate or “trumped” statements. I hope we can continue as citizens to do so in our daily lives. I think we all should be hold one another accountable.

Hate is not an American value. I pray the Republican party is strong enough to reject the bullying tactics of the president elect. I really do.

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