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Rules are efficient only if they are easy to remember, there aren’t many of them, and when they cover the important aspects of life. For that purpose, I’ve created the rules which will help my work, mental and physical health, and my relationships with others.

As the time goes by, I will inevitably have to change and adopt some of these rules, but since I have been following the majority of these rules for quite some time, I’m sure that they will be useful in this shape as well.

The rules, and their explanations are:

  1. Divide your day into time blocks and spend each day doing and improving what matters; work, health, family and friends. …

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December 19th, St. Nicolas, patron saint of my wife, then girlfriend. Her relatives and friends are sitting at the dining table. They either don’t know me or barely know me. All they know about me is that I’m someone who doesn’t talk much. Even when they ask him something, his answer is concise and not open for discussion.

In 2015, I published my novel. It was perhaps the second time I met all these people. …

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When I was about to graduate from college, a friend of mine told me:

“Don’t you ever change.”

We knew that the probability of us seeing each other was low and for some odd reason she wanted me to stay narcissistic, immature, dumbass who thinks he’s the smartest man alive, and being a jackass as I was I said to her:

“That’s the worst thing you could’ve said to me.”

Naturally, she had no clue why I responded like that; obviously, she saw something in me which was worth keeping.

Regardless of how truthful my statement was, I shouldn’t have slapped her in the face with bucket full of dead fish. …


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