Literature Needs Angry Female Heroes
Elizabeth Skoski

Excellent essay and hell yeah to the call for angry voices, women’s in particular. A bunch of things hit a chord with me in your writing. One thing was that we seem to not only have a version of the proper woman that most of us have been raised on, but also the “proper depression.” We’ve known for a while that depression comes in so many forms and can look internal and sad, irritable and disengaged, raging and aggressive… or dulled and lacking ANY emotional tone at all. Often there’s an oscillation between a bunch of these. Why do we only accept the quiet, sad kind of depression as the real representation? Without the understanding of the range of ways depression can manifest, we’re likely to continue to deny our own for too long before asking for help.

Also: on a personal level I am so happy to find young women still SEEKING understanding and resonance in literature. That’s where I sought, found, lost and rediscovered parts of myself and connections with others. It soothes my heart to hear similar complaints and transformations being called for from a new generation. Thank you for writing so openly and beautifully.