The Hidden Costs of the War on Opiates
Keyan Zameni

I hear you and it is indeed insane and stupid and pretty damn horrible for you and so many others in similar situations. It's probably little comfort for you now, but there are people who understand the situation as you do and are trying to speak out and affect change. In particular, watch out for a series of articles that will soon be published in The Guardian, on the opiate overdose epidemic. Even more specifically, you may be interested in a piece by Marc Lewis (a neuroscientist who has written a couple of books on the neuroscience of addiction, integrating biography with science… he also happens to be my husband, which is why I got a sneak peak into the article that will be published soon). Although he takes the article from the perspective of addiction and its causes, Marc is very sympathetic to those who need pain meds for FREAKING PAIN and the horrific situation that new legislation and laws are putting these people in. Hope you find an outlet for your writing that can make the difference you seek. It's a damn worthy cause.

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