Highlights from “Learning how to learn” course.

Brain modes of thinking. Focused vs Diffused mode.


Memorizing techniques

  1. To begin tapping your visual memory system, try to make a memorable visual image representing one key item you want to remember.
  2. Make meaningful groups that simplify the material. Make an abbreviation and then think which word will help you to memorize this abbreviation.
  3. Associate the new information with the information that you are familiar with.
  4. “Memory palace”. Think about the place you are familiar with and try to imagine there some unusual things from the information you need to remember. For food list, for example, imagine giant bread on the sofa in your house and giant milk package in the center of the room.
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How to form a chunk

The value of a library of chunks

  1. Moving step-by-step reasoning. Involves focused mode.
  2. Intuitive thinking. It’s when you are in diffused mode jumping through different focused mode thoughts.

Illusion of competence

Zombies are everywhere

  • The cue: for example start writing an article.
  • The routine: brain reaction on the cue, it could be useful, harmless or sometimes harmful. For example “I’d better go drink a cup of coffee”.
  • The reward: it’s much easier to drink coffee than to write an article, it’s faster and more pleasant so that “bad habit” will be developed faster.
  • The belief: habits have power because you believe in them. If you believe that you will never be able to start doing morning exercises it will be exactly like that.

Forming useful habits

  • Location
  • Time
  • How you feel
  • Reactions

Juggling life and learn

  • Write the plan for every day with short tasks, commit yourself to certain routines and tasks each day (I use Notion for this).
  • Plan the quilting time when you stop working.
  • Do the most painful work firstly.
  • Do not forget to use Pomodoro.
  • Write notes about what works and what doesn’t
  • Delay rewards until you finish the task
  • Have backup plans for when you still procrastinate
  • Gain trust in your new system

In conclusion




Software developer at SMASHDOCs — https://www.smashdocs.net/ | https://www.linkedin.com/in/kuzniets

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Igor Kuznietsov

Igor Kuznietsov

Software developer at SMASHDOCs — https://www.smashdocs.net/ | https://www.linkedin.com/in/kuzniets

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