Pinar & Viola: “With this collection, we celebrate people who are rewriting the rules”

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans

It is for everyone who feels alternative, yet feels alone, not understood or considers him/herself a minority.

Pinar, before we start, let’s say hello to whoever read it. Who do you think this person is? Where do they live? What is their socio- and political background?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans
Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans

Nothing happens to you, you attract everything to yourself. This is the secret of all secrets of the magic and mysteries of life.

Your previous collection was dedicated to the healing process. Could you please share what was it that you were trying to heal within yourself?

Healing Prints — Emancipation of Flowers
Pinar&Viola Healing Prints — Paris Heart Club
Pinar&Viola — Mother Earth in Paris exhibition in Gleichapel Gallery in Paris as part of Healing Prints Collection (2015) Photography: Keiichi Sakakura
Pinar&Viola Healing Prints Photography: Wendelin Spiess

We are not scared of the change. Like all things, change also has duality inside. The result of the change becomes what you make out of it.

Alternative Collection, among everything, is about technologies that transform our world every second of every day. With this collection, did you try to overcome some fears of this rapid change?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Emancipation of Animals

The artwork centers around a man who has Greenman, a pre-Christian entity, the spirit of nature personified as a man, behind him.

Now I am going to embarrass myself :) The whole section in Alternative Collection is dedicated to permaculture. What is this? I have no idea… Why did you think you had to reflect on it?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Permaculture featuring Jasper Griepink and Ines Alpha
Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Permaculture

We could not find any visual depiction on universal basic income other than dollar bills, politicians and economic charts and graphs, quite boring, right?

It’s really awesome that Alternative Collection echoes concepts that rarely intersect with art. But isn’t it hard to get inspired by economical theory, not feelings or emotions?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Equal Pay Law
Alternative Collection — Universal Basic Income

The cat as a spirit animal stands for deep relaxation and connection with self while also being curious, adventurous and enjoying to explore the unknown. So they are a great symbol for a UBI reality. As you know, we are obsessed with symbolism.

Why did you choose a cat to represent the idea of the universal basic income? :)

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Universal Basic Income

It is very unfortunate but as we all have been witnessing, Muslims have been portrayed as a scapegoat in the media, the cause of all humanity’s contemporary problems.

The world is not black and white anymore. Did you try to reflect on that while creating images on sufism and Rumi?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Rumi and Sufism
Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Rumi and Sufism

We made it together with the grand dame of jewellery Semra Ecer. The women in my family have been wearing her hand-made silver-gold jewellery for which I always had a fascination.

The jewellery part of Alternative collection looks somewhat punk to me. Do you have a name for your style or did you get inspired by any other styles?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans
Pinar&Viola x Semra Ecer jewelry collection, made with elements and slogans from Pinar&Viola’s Alternative Collection. Photography: Stef Spijkermans

Alternative pirates and organisations break the existing codes and create new ones, which later get appropriated by legitimate governments and organisations.

Alternative collection manifests the change of attitude to some modern concepts. Do you think the rigid old world can bear such big a change in the nearest future?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection
Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Microdosing psychedelics

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