Pinar & Viola: “With this collection, we celebrate people who are rewriting the rules”

Julia Gerstein
Mar 8, 2019 · 11 min read
Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans

You’re right. This is not just the post about the new collection of Pinar&Viola.

Here, you will find the answers to the questions that have been haunting you for light years.

Is more conscious, loving and unifying existence possible?

Is a power of attraction a real thing?

What are the two main emotions on this planet? And should you be afraid of change?

So, you see, this is not just the post about the new collection of Pinar&Viola. This is about you. You’re right.

It is for everyone who feels alternative, yet feels alone, not understood or considers him/herself a minority.

Pinar, before we start, let’s say hello to whoever read it. Who do you think this person is? Where do they live? What is their socio- and political background?

Well, hello :) There is not a one glove fits all answers here. It is everyone who is intrigued by an alternative rhetoric. It is anyone, everyone, who criticizes / challenges official powers and stands across the world dominating socio-economic-political norm.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans

It is for everyone who feels alternative, yet feels alone, not understood or considers him/herself a minority.

Be it a hacker, an activist, an idealist, a crypto enthusiast, a software engineer, an artist, a politician, a mother, father and a child.

This collection is here to celebrate all the amazing people who are fed up with being taken as stupid, who woke up to the global abusive system dynamics and is working / researching / is part of an alternative system, a more conscious, loving and unifying existence.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans

These men, women, and communities challenged and terrified the official powers, and it is the disruptive effect of their promise of a progressive alternative to the establishment and unfair order that made them part of our Alternative Collection.

Your previous collection was dedicated to the healing process. Could you please share what was it that you were trying to heal within yourself?

We woke up to the fact that nothing happens to you, you attract everything to yourself, hence “the power of attraction”. This is the secret of all secrets of the magic and mysteries of life.

Healing Prints — Emancipation of Flowers

Thus, in order to change anything in this world, we all need to change ourselves first.

If we want to heal the world, we first need to heal ourselves, so then the frequency we emit spreads to other entities and inspires them to shine brighter as well.

Pinar&Viola Healing Prints — Paris Heart Club

As artists, our “modus operandi” is to launch visual collections, where we use the power and charm of visuals to inspire us for a more conscious future.

We created innovative and hyper aesthetic visuals for trend setting topics and in 2015, we have adopted the overall “healing” theme and created our artworks around that theme for the upcoming 2 years.

Pinar&Viola — Mother Earth in Paris exhibition in Gleichapel Gallery in Paris as part of Healing Prints Collection (2015) Photography: Keiichi Sakakura

We live in a planet of duality and there are only 2 emotions: love and fear and all other feelings derive from these two.

Compassion, understanding, inclusivity, tenderness, joy derive from love and anxiety, violence, war, anger and resentment derive from fear. Like each person, we both also had love and fear inside ourselves.

We created our Healing Collection in our research to heal all fear derived emotions, vibrations, character traits and perceptions in ourselves.

Pinar&Viola Healing Prints Photography: Wendelin Spiess

The collection comprises different titles in itself: Mother Ayahuasca, silence, Sexual Healing, Healing From Capitalism, Coral Gardener in Bali, Emancipation of Flowers and Paris Heart Club.

We created pop-aesthetic, soothing artistic visuals for these themes, made textile prints out of them and created fashion garments for these healing prints.

Alternative Collection, among everything, is about technologies that transform our world every second of every day. With this collection, did you try to overcome some fears of this rapid change?

Well, I think I never had a fear for a rapid change to be honest :) We have positioned ourselves in the heart of the rapid change, as a positive, unifying, conscious voice.

So for us, each novelty is a chance to apply our outrageously positive vision on each issue. To be honest, I don’t believe in any other approach, as I mentioned above: all feelings derive from love or fear.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Emancipation of Animals

Whenever you choose the fear side, you choose to remain blind, victim, run away or hide.

We are not scared of the change. Like all things, change also has duality inside. The result of the change becomes what you make out of it.

Our belief systems shapes our characters, life and makes us who we are. Hence, our work is there to contribute to the positive collective consciousness and represents love in duality.

Now I am going to embarrass myself :) The whole section in Alternative Collection is dedicated to permaculture. What is this? I have no idea… Why did you think you had to reflect on it?

Dictionary definition of permaculture is, “a set of design principles centered around whole systems thinking simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems.”

Meaning, doing farming according to the wishes of the land and not of the demands of people :)

We have been affiliated with it because, especially Viola, spent some time in international peace communities (e.g. Rainbow Community) and introduced me to the wisdom she cultivated there.

The artwork centers around a man who has Greenman, a pre-Christian entity, the spirit of nature personified as a man, behind him.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Permaculture featuring Jasper Griepink and Ines Alpha

We were inspired by the work of our dear friend, eco-centric artist Jasper Griepink (it’s him in the work wearing a mask by Ines Alpha) whose work derives from traditional shamanistic rituals and the love for the land.

His and the Greenman’s bodies are covered with logos and images from the world’s most popular eco villages.

(Btw, bodies covered with logos is our wink to the contemporary obsession of logos in fashion.)

Ecovillages are traditional or international communities whose goal is to become more socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Permaculture

All this (permaculture, eco villages and peace communities) make this work a celebration of people and communities sitting on the edge of the rising conscious culture who are offering an alternative narrative in our relationship with nature, land and one another.

It’s really awesome that Alternative Collection echoes concepts that rarely intersect with art. But isn’t it hard to get inspired by economical theory, not feelings or emotions?

It’s hard to intellectualise inspiration :) All decisions we take are realities obtained from your current consciousness filtered by your mind strainer.

While working on this collection our mind was in the lookout of peace activists and audacious rebels challenging official powers. The subject being land, animals, religion or economics does not matter.

This collection advocates the shift from an attitude of domination and control of nature, including human beings, to one of cooperation and non violence.

Thus, these two topics on economic theory came easily.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Equal Pay Law

Also if there are no creation on a peculiar subject, doesn’t this show that it is a lack which is open to be fulfilled? :)

We could not find any visual depiction on universal basic income other than dollar bills, politicians and economic charts and graphs, quite boring, right?

Visuals, graphics, signs and symbols are a common language we all speak.

By using the power of symbols, by reinterpreting their meaning, humanity have been controlled by official powerers since centuries. Our work makes new signs, symbols, icons and idols to lure people into a more conscious future.

Alternative Collection — Universal Basic Income

Our universal basic income work uses the glam bling visual language of pawn shops, combined with UBI slogans.

Glamour and desire combined with prosperity and abundance for all. What else? :)

UBI is a very serious topic, yet, uplifting artistic visuals and humor is crucial for making people embrace challenging topics.

Why did you choose a cat to represent the idea of the universal basic income? :)

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Universal Basic Income

Hahaha :) Good question. The big cat in the painting is there to show off it’s shameless delicious comfort, enjoyment, relaxation; he is a big time life enjoyer.

Cats are part of ordinary daily life, they love cozy homes. Everyone knows cats like to be comfortable, they can spend whole day enjoy laying on a soft pillow in the sun on the window still.

The cat as a spirit animal stands for deep relaxation and connection with self while also being curious, adventurous and enjoying to explore the unknown.

So they are a great symbol for a UBI reality. As you know, we are obsessed with symbolism.

The use of symbols coming from different backgrounds in Pinar&Viola works is a conscious choice to foster unity in the collective consciousness.

The world is not black and white anymore. Did you try to reflect on that while creating images on sufism and Rumi?

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Rumi and Sufism

Yes, of course this is a big part of it. We advocate holistic worldview = ecological worldview = seeing the world as an integrated whole rather than a dissociated collection of parts.

The new worldview is an ecological worldview that is grounded ultimately in spiritual awareness.

We believe that start of all problems, wars, hatred, violence, fear humanity currently endures are born out of identifications of the self resulting in alienation of the other.

What we conceive as human is actually parts of the one collective consciousness having different experiences in the same time. This knowledge is hidden in the sacred texts, in ancient mystical traditions and in the poems of Rumi.

There is not such thing as me or mine, as there is no such thing as the other, stranger or the opponent. We are made believe that we are “part of an identity” in order to see the other as an opponent.

In his poems, Rumi celebrates the joy of unity with his love, the divine oneness.

Pinar is Turkish, and Rumi has been living in Konya, a city in Turkey so this is not a far off concept to her upbringings.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Rumi and Sufism

It is very unfortunate but as we all have been witnessing, Muslims have been portrayed as a scapegoat in the media, the cause of all humanity’s contemporary problems.

It’s easier to point the blame to the other than to question oneself. Seeking the answer within requires courage. Thus, we made this work as our gift to all our Muslim brothers and sisters who feel misunderstood and not recognized.

By visualising the divine message of Rumi we wished to communicate that no matter what your background is, in the Pinar&Viola universe, you are loved and understood.

The jewellery part of Alternative collection looks somewhat punk to me. Do you have a name for your style or did you get inspired by any other styles?

Yes, indeed there is a punk visual language in the collection. We designed these pieces for everyone who identifies as light pirates, peace warriors. Hence the visual language :)

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection Photography: Stef Spijkermans

We made it together with the grand dame of jewellery Semra Ecer. The women in my family have been wearing her hand-made silver-gold jewellery for which I always had a fascination.

A wonderful soul, energetic and open for all types of experimentation, it was definitely a joy to work with her and to give birth to these pieces together.

Pinar&Viola x Semra Ecer jewelry collection, made with elements and slogans from Pinar&Viola’s Alternative Collection. Photography: Stef Spijkermans

The hand grills and the rings are her “signature pieces”. By placing contemporary progressive messages on them, we created a collection which combines timeless beauty with the rising new alternative culture.

Alternative collection manifests the change of attitude to some modern concepts. Do you think the rigid old world can bear such big a change in the nearest future?

To achieve a state of dynamic balance, a radically different social and economic structure will be needed: a cultural revolution in the true sense of the world.

The survival of our whole civilization may depend whether we can bring about such a change. It will depend, ultimately, on our ability to adopt some of the yin attitudes of eastern mysticism: to experience the wholeness of nature and the art of living with it in harmony.

Hasn’t it always been this way :) The very idea of an alternative means challenging the mass order. Progressive = Minority.

So in order for a change to happen, the idea should be cooking in a minority community.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection

Alternative pirates and organisations break the existing codes and create new ones, which later get appropriated by legitimate governments and organisations.

The easiest example would be the digital camera.

When the digital camera was invented, I was in the first year of my snob French art school (Les Beaux Arts).

I remember all my teachers mocking this new technology. Resistance to change is the cousin of fear.

However love is the new religion of the 21st century.

With this collection and all our upcoming works, we’ll keep on celebrating people and communities who are rewriting the rules, not only breaking them.

Light pirates, audacious rebels, secret agents of change, you are seen, heard and loved.

Pinar&Viola Alternative Collection — Microdosing psychedelics

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