Hi Talia,
Craig Sullivan

Dear Craig,

I just signed up to say Thank you for such a kind-hearted, measured, and helpful response.

I read about the Talia’s story on BBC today. The story and strong bi-polarity of responses resonated with me as I’ve had similar discussions at home with my kid.

On one hand, events beyond anybody’s control gave me tough challenges to face at younger age some 30 years ago.

On the other hand, I empathize with today’s stereotypical somewhat entitled youth as It took me sometime to see the reality of life.

the important thing was that in my carefree teen years the seed for the ability to see the reality was nurtured by my grandparents. So when the time came, I knew I had to work hard to survive and prove my worthiness long before I could get any break.

So I followed the responses and reached on your response and I loved it. I truly enjoyed it. I’ll use your response in my discussions with my disappointed, semi entitled, yet understandably challenged kid.

Thank you for helping me and Talias everywhere.

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