Take over the jitters and be in control.

When I first attended my UX bootcamp, I had a love-hate relationship with presentations. I enjoyed putting together all my findings and ideas but I get jitters speaking to a large group of people. In my previous roles as a footwear or fashion designer, there was no need to create a deck, sell your idea, speak in a panel or present your work to stakeholders. During my time as an immersive program student and as an Interaction Designer, everything changed. …

This article is not about the curriculum, duration, fees and other boring things about joining a UX Bootcamp or full-time course — but a few tips on what you can expect and prepare yourself before you are fully immersed and committed to one. I’ve received a lot of support from my class and the UX community online and this is my way of giving back and inviting you to the community ❤️.

Just a little information about myself:

I just completed a 10 weeks UX Immersive course — full-time 9am to 5pm and worked on 5 projects. I walked into…

This article shows the process of condensing a 2 week UX sprint in General Assembly into a pitch that is both user- and business-centric. This pitch includes deliverables that meets the basic client requirements, as well as ideas that go an extra mile to look into the client’s business model and suggesting a 6-month project plan, Service Design and UX workshops to improve the business as a whole.

Client Profile

A Popular Bookstore in a mall

Popular Holdings, commonly called POPULAR, is a Singapore-based company that publishes, distributes, and retails Chinese and English language books. It has subsidiaries in countries such as Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United…

Case Study and App Redesign on Skype mobile app.

It’s our third run in General Assembly. We know the drill. Let’s get straight to business.

The Brief
Work in a team to identify problems and/or an opportunities with an existing mobile application and utilise your knowledge to design a solution.

The Team
Project Managing/Research: Drew Yu
UX Researcher: Nicholas Gwee
Product Research & Design: Ivy Huang

User research, UX, Sketch, usability testings

Project Duration
2 weeks (due to the short period of time, accuracy of project outcome is based on a smaller pool of user research and testing)


Information Architecture and redesigning of website using Axure RP.

This article talks about a detailed documentation of a project done in The General Assembly, Singapore. It covers Information Architecture, UX research, UI and Ix Design with Axure RP.

Project Brief

In a group of 2-3, redesign the Information Architecture (IA) and key pages layout/wireframes of a school website. 3 user personas are provided, and students are free to adjust and update according to local context. An interactive prototype has to be created and it should illustrate one of the user’s journey.

Project Duration: 2 weeks.


A lot of Google sheets, The Big Boss Axure RP, Optimal Workshop, every single brain cell…

Retrospective on Project 1 — Rapid Prototyping

The topic I landed on for the first project is Fitness. I was pretty okay with getting any topic as I came into the course with the mindset to strip off what I was before and get out of my comfort zone.

Just designer.

But I clearly didn’t strip off what I was before…. enough — you’ll see what I mean.

User Interviews

Thank god to pre-course work, Project 1 didn’t start with blindly trying to find a way through it. I had a rough idea of the steps that I should take and what comes next. The only trouble is that I am…

Ivy Huang

Senior UX Designer @ HUGE Inc.

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