Pulumi Vs Terraform: The future of cloud engineering?

Traditionally, infrastructure setup was a manual and a very lengthy process. Now, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools have transformed this process by paving a way towards a more efficient means of setting up infrastructure. Most IaC tools automate infrastructure configuration and management through the use of scripts or configuration files. Numerous solutions have been developed to implement Infrastructure as Code, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Two IaC tools often used are Terraform from HashiCorp and Pulumi from a venture-backed start up. Now I will try to explain the functionality and then discuss their use cases like in which situations which one is preferable.

What is Terraform and its features?

Terraform is one of the popular infrastructure as code tool that has become standard within DevOps. Terraform is an open source IaC tool used for developing, changing and versioning infrastructure quickly and efficiently. It can handle lower-level elements, such as storage and networking devices, as well as higher-level components, including DNS entries. Terraform is ideal for building and managing infrastructures for various reasons as discussed below:

What is Pulumi and its features?

Pulumi is a modern Infrastructure As Code innovative platform that bridges the gap between developers and cloud providers. It takes advantage of existing programming languages like Node JS (TypeScript), Python, .NET(C#), or Go to interact with your Infrastructure through its SDKs downloaded onto devices locally as well as accessed over internet connections. It can deploy, manage, and update cloud infrastructure, containers, databases, and hosted services. Pulumi can provision both lower-end components such as storage and networking, and higher-level elements. Some features of pulumi are discussed below:

The Benefits of Moving from Terraform to Pulumi?


In my humble opinion Pulumi is better than Terraform. Hands down. It has all the features of Terraform, but written with the simplicity and power of a fully featured programming language.

As Pulumi offers more flexibility and more focus on functions, while Terraform has better documentation and solid community support. I would rather suggest that if you don’t know either Terraform or Pulumi, I would suggest you use Pulumi even if you don’t know any programming language. It’s in my opinion the right way to do infrastructure as code. Furthermore, it is better to learn a programming language that could be useful somewhere else than HCL which you will only use in HashiCorp products. In the end, you should choose the solution you feel is more appropriate to you and your project, and that you think will be easier for you to learn and use in the long term. If it’s Terraform then go with it! If it’s Pulumi, welcome to modern Infrastructure as Code!



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